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living next to the exP

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cestlavielife Thu 13-Jan-11 23:41:07

i can see how in v amicable separation it oculd be great - or if you helena BC and tim burton in some kind of two houses marraige...

but really it is nuts when one has fled to get away from the other because of abusive behaviour? and DC have issues around seeing their dad because of concerns over his behaviour?

yet this is what exP wants the court to order...

that the court should order me to move into the flat next door to him, so that it would allow "the DC to see their father daily for equal parenting on a practical and convenient level to benefit both the children and parents " .

currently i rent elsewhere, with DC, we fled due to his beahaviours (MH mixed with abusive controlling and lately issues around contact with DC so he has no contact at present - tho i imagine it will go back to supervised at some point) .

i know i have said it before - we joint own two adjoining flats - one he is living in, one is rented out to tenants (til july on AST) .
i want to sell up both, share the equity so long as i get enough to rehouse with DC on a mortgage...he has no income but thinks he can stay where he is and put mortgage in his sole name and with govt paying mortgage interest for him indefinitely...

is there a district judge who is going to order me to move with DC into the rented flat for his convenience?
It has no garden and is not a good space for us).

apart from this, i moved away due to his controlling and abusive behaviours - do i have to defended not moving there to live next door to him by bringing all this up?

and surely if it was divvied up one flat each and second flat in my sole name - there would be nothing to stop me selling - unless a court order states i am required to live there next to exP til the DC turn 18?? please tell me this would be unprecedented...

please tell me his position has zero legal standing... or do i really have to get the best legal experts to defend me?

(i posted in legal as well - but thought would post here - for stories of how you all live close by or next door to exP and it is fab???)

slopingsite Thu 13-Jan-11 23:58:18

I have professional, not personal experience.

No judge has any power order that you live in a particular place.

In light of the history you describe, this sounds like it is likely to be contrary to the best interests of your children, not to mention your human rights to a private and family life, free from abuse and contrl at the hands of another.

whiteandnerdy Fri 14-Jan-11 01:16:22

I have personal, not professional experience.

I think being ordered to live in a specific place would violate your human rights, I'm thinking Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

A few years ago now, the Ex rented the house 4 doors down. Basically the backs of the two properties face each other, very creepy indeed.

BeeandSon Fri 14-Jan-11 01:39:40

he doesnt stand a chance plus his plan has nothining to do with child best interest rather than trying to cover his mortgage with benefit and rent
yeah right
nice thought mate!

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