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CSA - what happens?

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macdoodle Sat 08-Jan-11 20:33:27

My XH is a nasty abusive twat
We have 2 DD's (9 and 3), he does see them, when he can be bothered and when he isnt working abroad.
We have been seperated 4 years and divorced 1.He has NEVER contributed financially, not even when we were together and not a penny since he moved out.
I have been paying all the joint debts from hus business which has finally been wrapped up.
Luckily I have a good job and we have survived but its been hard at times (and I almost lost my house).He seems to have walked away scot free.

He has worked erratically since we split and it never seemed worth the hassle of pursuing. But for the last year or so he has worked consistently abroad for months at a time, earning I am sure not an inconsiderable amount. I have paid every penny for my girls and paid all our joint debts. I have significant debts left, a credit card to bail us out when things were really bad, a looming tax bill, and large solicitors fees I work bloody hard.

So he is back for a few weeks over xmas, and I gently bring up him paying some child support, I suggest very reasonably I think, that he only pays me the weeks he works and an amount much less than I worked out on the CSA calculator.

I got an earful of abuse and sneering, he just cannot see why he should pay anything when "you earn XX a year" shock. He has no sense of responsibility at all.

I am not going to let him get away with it (if he can afford to buy DD1, himself and his GF £300 Ipods, a massive widescreen TV etc etc), then he can afford to support them, even its just enough for school shoes/uniform, music lessons or childcare etc.

I thought I was past him affecting me, but I am absolutely terrified how he will react, I have almost completed an online application but am still hesitating, what happens next when I do it?

Anngeree Sat 08-Jan-11 22:12:30

I wouldn't expect anything to happen fast... it took 3.5yrs for them to track down my xp even though I gave them all his details name address ,DOB, where he worked only thing I didn't know was NIno. When they eventually tracked him down I had to fill a questionaire in saying whether he had access how much he was contributing, whether he was making voluntary payments, helping with household bill etc. CSA then work out how much he has to pay which is usually 15% of wage for one child and 20% for 2 they will get in touch and tell him when he has to pay. I think there may be exclusions for absent parents who work/live overseas but you would have to check CSA website or speak to an advisor about that.
Your dd's are still his responsibility so he should be contributing I would fill the online application in you might have to wait a while but he will have to pay backdated child support from when they manage to track him down.

Hazeleyedbaby Sat 08-Jan-11 22:17:18

He sounds awful, and he should definitely be paying towards supporting his children. Some men have no sense of responsibility, my ex is the same!

I will be watching this thread with interest as I am in a similar position.

Sorry I don't have any advice but keep strong and do try not to let him affect you, he is not worth it!

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