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So tell me about on line dating please?

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Sothisishowwedoitnow Fri 07-Jan-11 20:36:44

Signed up for one today, photo etc and have had 4 winks and 5 personal messages so far.

Haven't got the nerve to answer anyone though.

So the idiots guide please. How do you respond to a "wink" just wink back? Just wondering what happens after that, just keep winking at each other forever. Should I answer every message to be polite. Do you send messages yourself or just wait until somone shows interest, I am clueless, or maybe just not ready. Do you mention that you have kids straight away? Do you knock a couple of years off your age?

Namechanger btw. Just not ready to be ME doing on line dating iyswim?

Sothisishowwedoitnow Fri 07-Jan-11 21:39:36


Hooker Fri 07-Jan-11 21:49:57

Hi, I joined 2 sites, I'm guessing from the winks you're on OKC?

I just used to reply with a "thanks for the wink, now send me a proper message ;)"

I was totally honest about age, the fact I have a child, the fact I'm separated, but not yet divorced.

I did message some blokes and some of them even replied! I always used to reply to a first message unless I had an ewww response to their message/profile etc.

It can be a lot of fun and I had quite a few dates, one of whom is now my 'something for the weekend' for want of a better way of describing our 'relationship'.

Oh and anyone who wanted to go straight on an offsite chat, usually wanted to be very rude indeed...

MrsS01 Fri 07-Jan-11 21:50:18

What do you think about the people who've winked and messages. If I'm interested I'll reply, if not i leave it. I also send messages myself. I don't mention kids, although it says in my profile. Plus i keep my age as correct.

don't know if that helps

Sothisishowwedoitnow Fri 07-Jan-11 22:16:05

Yes it does help, thanks. Someone didn't have a picture and his message said if my lack of picture puts you off then I do have one on Messenger, so is that his way of getting me off site quick?

One or two of them seemed ok, one said "You are Stunning!" and that was it. Now I am ok but stunning? Not so much grin.

Its a blooming minefield!

HaveToWearHeels Fri 07-Jan-11 22:25:06

I didn't reply to every message I got. I wuld look at their profile and that coupled with what they have put in their message, I would reply or not.
One guy sent me a message and told me who he worked for, turns out it was the same company as me. We have now been togther nearly 6 years, have DD 16 months and are getting married in 3 months time.

Good luck and have fun with it all.

MrsS01 Fri 07-Jan-11 23:06:54

Havetowearheels - what a lovely story

sothisishowwedoitnow - i wouldn't go to messenger straight away. He should be able to attach one to a message if he wanted to. I would wonder why they didn't have a pic on a dating site personally - to me that would be suspicious.

I usually chat for a couple of weeks and get to know a bit about them before meeting, if I decide to meet.

JustForThisOne Sat 08-Jan-11 00:30:25

I would ignore anybody that text me within hours from when my profile is up
I use to save profile I liked to keep an eye on when they were on line and look like I was casually looking at them. Often it is enough.
Dear me, all of this is so long ago though... sad

Hooker Sat 08-Jan-11 07:35:05

Oh you do get some great messages though. Two of my classics are:

A warm hello and greetings M'Lady.

You certainly look and sound deliciously interesting and I rather think it would be both a pleasure and a delight to get to know you better

One does but wonder if you might feel the same perchance?

Love and Light

Sadly one didn't feel the same.

I know this is probably not why you joined this site but I will ask you anyway. I am very inexperienced in sex (I'm a virgin) and I was hoping to talk to someone who maybe had some experience to ask some questions. Please help me.

I asked whether he was old enough to be on a dating website, and could I have a chat with his dad.

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