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holidaying in france

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chicky80 Sat 01-Jan-11 19:33:40

Has anyone else made trip to france from the uk with the kids in tow and going by car/ferry/euro tunnel? I quite fancy it , and been looking at campsites in vendee (looks lovely) for the summer, I have never driven abroad and that scares me a little!! Any advice / ideas / anyone want to go....teehee!!!

said Sat 01-Jan-11 19:37:55

I did it twice when I was on my own. Only had one child then. But flew and hired a car and hired a cottage both times. Looking back, I'm amazed I was that brave but the alternative was no holidays. Eurotunnel is a doddle though so I'd look into that. Just book a week not too far from Calais maybe to see how it goes?

LIZS Sat 01-Jan-11 19:43:12

Vendee is a pretty long drive for a first timer from Calais (8-10 hours). Etiher think abotu breaking the journey or stay closer to the north coast (Picardy is pretty and beaches good). Alternatively lookinto the overnight ferry from Portsmouth for a shorter drive or fly/drive to Nantes

brightwell Sat 01-Jan-11 20:24:58

I go every year, I've done Calais to the Lot....very long & tiring journey. I now get the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to le Havre & drive down to the Loire valley, about a 5 hour drive. Driving in France is fine, I stick to the peage roads (toll)

kayah Sat 01-Jan-11 20:29:56

How old are your kids?
I can't remember dates of French holidays, but I would plan to avoid those weekends.

Mybe if you crossed to La Havre - then is 4 hours drive?

chicky80 Sat 01-Jan-11 23:53:32

Thank you for all the ideas every one! i have a boy who will be 12 and a girl who will be 3 by the summer. maybe i'm being ambitious going to vendee if its that far. I will look into different possibilities. thanx!x

gillybean2 Sun 02-Jan-11 12:48:07

Went to france with group of other lone parents last year (didn't know any of them and made our own way there). Took eurotunnel/car as used teco vouchers to pay and was much cheaper than Le Havre. However not sure it was all that much cheaper when you add in petrol costs of extra journey if I'd paid the full eurotunnel price!

Was fine, tunnel easy, driving easy (have driven abroad a lot though.

Year before that we went to France with PGL on an action adventure holiday. Got the coach there which was easier. Lots of kids for ds to play with and company for me too. Activities were busy but not too too busy, time for swimming and relaxing too. Had a nice day at disneyland and in paris sightseeing as part of the trip.
Would recommend that as a start if you worried about going abroad alone and/or driving.
There were a couple of other lone parents on the trip too and everyone was very friendly. Only downside was it wasn't very french as everyone spoke english at the camp!

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