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LP joining Police Force - is it possible?

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EllaFlower Fri 31-Dec-10 18:43:25

I'm 29 and have a 4 year old and I've always wanted to join the police force.

Is anyone out there working in the force? Any words of wisdom? Is it possible to do the shifts and be a single parent?

I have a strong desire to finally follow my dreams and do what I want for the first time but of course I want the best for my little one.

My force isn't recruiting at the moment but as soon as they are ...

QBEE Fri 31-Dec-10 18:54:20

AFAIK the force do not recruit 'off the street' as it were in our area anymore. The usual is to do at least 2 years of specials (obv unpaid) first.
My best friend is currently undertaking a degree course in policing (3yr UG) and is a LP to two dc. The course is quite full and I imagine that they would have first pick of potential constable jobs.

If you are still determined to join then IIWY I would try to get on the degree for next intake given the fee hike in 2012 and also get the 4hours a week specials time in too.

Best of Luck. smile

Niceguy2 Sun 02-Jan-11 10:19:40

A lot of regulars also start off as PCSO's too.

However, as an LP you will need to have an incredibly strong support network as obviously shifts will be involved and you can't say "Sorry guv, no can do Sunday's & Tuesday nights". Ditto with shifts suddenly rumbling on as criminals probably won't respect your shift times.

slimbo Mon 03-Jan-11 16:12:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shewhoshallnotbenamed Fri 07-Jan-11 13:11:46


How bizarre that I've stumbled upon this by chance.

In a similar position to OP - I'm 32 though. I realised before xmas that I was very unhappy in my job and remembered my long-lost dream was to join the police, back when I was in my teens. I needed some life experience first though so set out and got another job.

I've been scouring my local forces, most of whom aren't recruiting due to the budget cuts and having plenty of applications to see them right for the next year. So I was looking at Specials - I think they have 2 intakes a year? March and Sept?

However, having read this and seeing it in black and white - I am questioning my 'dream' job. I knew about the 9 week training and had taken shift-work as a given, but it's still quite a reality check to see it from somebody in the know.

I still want to pursue the Specials though, I can commit 4 hours a week and it will allow me to grasp how do-able it would be to take on the role full time.

I had a relative who joined as a PCSO with the sole intention of progressing to a PC, but was turned down - she was told off the record that you have to really stand out to progress this way, as the Force will have invested a lot of time and money into your training as a PCSO so they don't want to push every PCSO through to PC. Not sure how true this is though.

Am still quite shocked that I've had this going round in my head for over a month and hey presto - good ol' MN comes to the rescue


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