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lone parent and baby seeks new home in north london

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dansingn Wed 22-Dec-10 07:18:12

Hi. I'm a LP with a gorgeous, inquisitive 11 month old baby girl. I am a health professional and have recently gone back to work only to realise that I can no longer afford to live where I am and need to reduce costs as my outgoings are more than my income. I am looking either for a cheaper place for us to live in or to house/flat share with someone else who is child friendly and figured another parent could well be ideal.

My budget is £700-800 pcm (preferably including some/all bills). I would like to stay around n4/n1 area because of work/childcare/social life but am flexible if transport links are good. Looking to move end of feb, or end of march at latest.

Hope to hear back from someone/s soon!

Thanks x

BeeandSon Thu 23-Dec-10 13:37:16

Hi Dan
I am interested in house sharing with another single mum (or dad)
The area I am looking for is not certain yet as I am applying for a primary place. Still I do know very well and lived many years in n1 and I have applied to a school in an 1 even if the cost of renting is not that cheap around there is it?
What type of situation would you consider? Will you need a spare room for your child? My ds is older but absolutely adores small children in fact he is on his best behaviour around them

dansingn Thu 23-Dec-10 23:53:21

Hi bee.

That sounds promising! (and FYI, am a single mum)

Don't necessarily need a spare room for my DD. Figured we could either share a large room (we already share a bedroom where I'm living now) or maybe if I shared with another parent the children could share a room if we and they were ok with that.

N1 is expensive but its certainly possible to get a nice 2-3 bedroom place if you have the same/similar budget as me.

When will you know re: the school?

I think this is definitely worth further discussion. Would you be willing to chat after Xmas/in the new year?


tethersjinglebellend Thu 23-Dec-10 23:59:07

If you are a health professional and work for the NHS, you could try applying to the Crown Estate (HA) who have properties in and around Mornington Crescent for keyworkers only. Also worth contacting Peabody.

lorrikeet Fri 24-Dec-10 00:21:39

Hi, Dan and Bee.

I'm a single mum in E8 (next postcode along from N1) and have been thinking for sometime about looking for another LP and child to share our (rather too large for two of us) house... in the new year;
my ds is just 7 , and both me and he would benefit from sharing I think.

I've got two spare rooms in the house. I can't move anywhere else but happy to talk to anyone interested in sharing with me

dansingn Sun 26-Dec-10 19:55:53

Hi all. Thanks for your replies. Hope you have all had a merry xmas xx

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