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Please convince me not to email him.

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poshsinglemum Sat 18-Dec-10 22:45:55

I love him. Have done for many years. He has a girlfriend who is lovely and sounds right for him but I can't change my feelings.

He's on facebook. I'm drunk and feel like sending him an email along the lines of;
''I'm sorry about the emails I sent in the summer. I was just gutted that we can't be together.''

In the summer he told me he did have a connection with me in the past and he was ineterested and he's sorry that nothing happened but that's what happens when two people are too shy to get it on.nothing happens etc. He has now moved on. I still have feelings for him. aggrrrrr.

He hasn't even blocked me on facebook.

I will always love him. Is that awful?

TheOriginalNutcracker Sat 18-Dec-10 22:47:27

It's not awful, but don't do it, it will end in tears, believe me.

Casmama Sat 18-Dec-10 22:50:34

You wont always love him. You are fixating on him because you haven't had closure, there is a sense of what could have been and despite the fact that he has a girlfriend, he has not closed the door on you.
Sorry to be harsh but if you send the email you are thinking about you will come across as a little pathetic. He is presumably happy with his girlfriend and has forgotten or put behind him any emails you sent in the summer. Emailing him now would tell him that you are hung up on him and still thinking about it and would probably make things worse not better.
You need to try and accept that this is not going to happen. While you are hung up on him you may miss out on other people out there. Don't email him, its a really, really bad idea.

poshsinglemum Sat 18-Dec-10 22:52:01

kul. he dosn't deserve my fabulousness!

poshsinglemum Sat 18-Dec-10 23:01:08

what sucks is ive been telling myself this stuff for ages but it dosn't change how i feel. deep down.

NoNamesNoPackDrill Sun 19-Dec-10 11:34:49

Tell yourself that despite everything now is not the right time. If it is meant to be it will happen one day.

Meanwhile you must look after yourself and work on your fabulosity.

There is more to life than men!

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