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plz tell me it will end soon :(

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debbie251 Thu 25-Nov-10 21:51:58

Been seperated now for 4 months, my decision to leave due to crap relationship ! I have 2 DDs 9 and 7, the little one has took it all in her stride but has always been a mummys girl, but DD1 has really struggled with it all.
I left after yrs of crap and DD1 used to say 'he about to start i taking my phone to bed mum' which broke my heart so i got out.
Kids go see their dad every other weekend and they love it.. he is a good dad.. but she is causing me nothing but probs with attitude etc.. when she comes home.. and now DD2 starting to copy her it takes me a week to get them back to their normal happy self then time to take them again !
I am working full time trying to give them a great life and i love my girls and they are so well behaved when they havent been there...
please tell me this will end

houseproject Thu 25-Nov-10 22:52:04


It does get better. I think you're doing well however as it's only 4 months. It used to happen with my dd (who is now a teen and as she's older she is able to explain it. She enjoyed being with her dad (big thumbs up!) but she felt she needed to adjust, resettle back into our routine when she came back home. She would also have that sad feeling after saying goodbye to her dad. She would appear sulky and I felt she needed space - actually what she needed was a hug. At times it felt like relentless hard work but now that my dd is grown I see that the hard work, patience and tolerance was so worth it. She is secure, happy and content with the relationship she has with both parents. We are extremely close but she's so glad she knows her dad. She has told me how fortunate she feels that her parents put her first and never slated each other. The hard work that you put in does get easier - make sure you relax and reward yourself with quality time when the girls are with their dad, you will have earned it. Good luck

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