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Child Maintenance - Ex is employed by his own company

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evolucy7 Wed 17-Nov-10 21:28:27

Hi, wondering if anyone has any advice or experience of this.

My ex has decided to set up his own company and as a result pays himself a wage. He is the only employee. This wage is what the CSA will use to calculate maintenance. He has decided to pay himself £120 per week as a salary, giving me £5 per week from him! Oddly enough the personal tax allowance. That is his only income and I am expected to believe he lives on this. This seems like absolute rubbish to me and is not consistent.

Does anyone have any advice about this, it seems slighty different to being self-employed. I could actually see him building up money in the business bank account which is obviously the profit of the company that he owns, and therefore his money from working, and yet somehow this appears to have nothing to do with what he should contribute towards his children.

I had been receiving £100 per week when he was employed by someone else so this is a huge decrease.

Any thoughts please?

Traveller123 Thu 29-Jun-17 11:24:42

To unbelievable. Government has set the %'s for Child Maintenance and I pay £750/month in addition to Spousal Maintenance of £400/month. However, ex wife still blocks access to son. Still in the huff that Courts rejected her application for £4,500/month for life on basis that she had a 9 year Chronic Back problem that prevented her from working. Judge not convinced when she had already been working for 2 years as cleaner and had attended Gym for last 7 years. Playing the video of her in Gym at court was the greatest moment of my life. Judge remarked that it was yet another sad example of an ex-wife basing their expectations on greed and revenge as opposed to needs. Second greatest moment was seeing ex-wife's Barrister go read and look at the floor after they had argued for Joint Lives Maintenance.

uneffingbelievable Mon 19-Jun-17 21:55:38

Daddydave - but you just said you pay £74 perweek on transport for your kids - leaving you £16 per week to feed and clothe them.

REgardless of household income - you create the child, you financially support the child with the other parent.

On your basis, my EX should not pay me because his new DP chose not to work and he suddenly had to clothe, feed and pay a mortgage on a house to fit her children. His own 2 DCs should be wholly paid for by me because I get off my arse, work bloody hard, claim not one benefit and support my DCs - but he should not pay for his DCs!

Get real and live in the real world - they were not hard up holiday in Greece and Barabdos last year!!

Not all mothers are out to rip off all fathers or deny access. But a fair percentage of your salary per month should contribute to the costs of YOUR children.

Queenofthedrivensnow Mon 19-Jun-17 19:27:05

Shapely - it's pay per view obviously wink

ShapelyBingoWing Fri 16-Jun-17 10:42:36

Zombie thread user, but I'll bite. Why is it ok for a father to choose not to support their child financially based on something the child's mother has done? They are both important issues but they aren't linked. And for very good reason.

user1497582089 Fri 16-Jun-17 10:25:10

If ex-wives deny fathers access to their children why are they surprised when the father attempts to reduce his maintenance payments?

Queenofthedrivensnow Wed 24-May-17 18:30:40

Also children in the house of the paying parent are taken into account my dp has a reduction due to living with my dc

SockEatingMonster Wed 24-May-17 18:27:36

It's not just money to pay for 'things' Daddydave. It's the reduced earning potential of the resident parent, who must choose between a low paid job with child-friendly hours or paying for childcare. Who has to run a family sized home. Who has extra mouths to feed and rooms to heat.

Queenofthedrivensnow Wed 24-May-17 18:08:17

Bennie - my exh was like this - going to court sorted it right out as he had to propose a schedule and couldn't mess me about.

JMKid Tue 23-May-17 13:33:13

Please all sign my petition

anonyAnonymouse Sun 15-Jan-17 16:11:02

Daddy, so what DO you spend in total a week in your 4 kids and what exactly does it cover?
If from what your getting at children can be looked after properly for £25 or less, I think there are a lot of people here that would like to hear how you do it as they would be loving to hear your tips.

Daddydave123 Sun 15-Jan-17 05:53:09

Yes but the financial support should come from the house hold that the child lives at?
Where the child does not live maybe worse off and by claiming CSA makes them even worse off?
CSA no longer take in to concideration the amount of children living in the paying parents house? They don't care how much they have to pay out?
For the 4 children in my house to get to school is £70 a week bus fair dinner money etc, these things on a low income they do not care about? Regardless off mortgage/rent? Gas electricity? Day to day living there not interested and neither is the receiving parent there out to point score, "I'll go csa" blaaa blaaa blast every brake up hears the same crap!
I could understand if the paying parents can buy clothes, nappies, anything for the child in question but the money never goes to the child? If you can prove you have spent money for that child to be ok on a day to day basis I think that should be approved!
Not ridiculous amounts a week? A friend had to pay out £174.73 a week? I don't spend that on 4 kids a week it's a £100 less than that? Tell me how you justify that?

sksinfood Sun 15-Jan-17 04:47:15

Daddy you are free to choose not to involve CSA if you want, but that doesn't mean every other parent out there should too. Parents are financially responsible for their children and children actually have a right to financial support from both parents.

Daddydave123 Sun 15-Jan-17 04:27:34

Women need to get a grip on life, life isn't about trying to screw over your ex because you have a child and you have split up.
I have 4 children in my house and I don't want csa to be involved at all? The reason being is that I work and I provide for them even tho they are not mine,
I'd rather when they realise later in life say 'your life is what it is because I provided for you' not your dad wouldn't pay? Your dads a d**k he's no interest? Blaaaa blaaaa blaaaa, clap clap well done for messing with a child's mind!
CSA is crap and should be scrapped, if you can't move on your obviously still attached to the parent of the child witch shouldn't be taken out on the children or either parent or parents new partners!
The system is crap just another money making scheme.

benniew00 Thu 14-Jan-16 20:57:16

hi my ex is taking me to court over access which he wants to have as and when he wants. asked him to confirm that he will see the kinds 12 and 10 every first saturday of the month but hes refused. and as i work weekend went to work. text me at 11am and said was on his way to see the kinds. unfortunately the kinds were at my friends so he went back called me all sort of names and is now threatening me that i did not avail the kinds to him when he comeand has had his lawyer write to me ....

Gooddads Fri 19-Jun-15 15:55:10

I stumbled onto this post and thought I should respond, as a father I too pay towards my children and I co-parent. The problem is my ex wife constantly denied contact so she could squeeze more money from me through the CSA, this cost me a small fortune in court but in the end I got a final court order for regular contact 3 times a week plus half of all holidays.
This issue is some dads feel they are being unreasonably treated so like me and they give up their career start their own businesses as they like me are at the end of their tether.
The CSA are a very out moded and completely biased organisation who do not care less about dads and take the resident mums word irrespective if they are telling porkies about contact etc.
I don't blame dads who go down this route because sometimes it's not their fault.
I realise that there are dads who don't contribute to their children and I have no sympathy for them but the system is wrong as even dads who have equal contact and share the same income as their ex's why should they pay ? Seems very unfair and what about dads who are denied contact so they have to pay more CSA? It's a poor unfair system that drives people like me to go down the limited company route and greed is not always good.

Pinkballoon Sun 29-Mar-15 20:48:04

Variation form has sections for this, but you have to provide evidence to support your assertions. And then once you've returned it all to the CSA, they then send it on to him to respond to.

I wouldn't get into telephone conversations with the CSA. Everyone tells you something different and the cost of the calls is massive. I just write in Recorded Delivery and say I want a response in writing. You then also have a record of what's going on.

Havana36 Wed 18-Mar-15 00:15:32

It's important for children to see fathers who have a loving relationship and who are good men, who show love and nurture, who are proud and would hate to think of their child living in a financial condition where they maybe couldn't go on school trip due to lack of funds as the mom is 100% responsible for the expensive job of raising a child. Both parents should financially contribute to the upbringing of a child.

Food is expensive, school uniforms, school trips, providing heating and electricity for a child and a roof over their heads, missing time from work due to doc/hospital appointments and sickness has an impact on earnings. A responsible father would contribute towards the cost of raising their child, not delight in not paying a penny. Shame on you!!!

Dickvanvyke Tue 17-Mar-15 21:45:38

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highman177 Sat 03-Jan-15 20:50:11

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J91983 Wed 10-Jul-13 10:12:41

My ex hubby was paying me £350pm then after only 11months & missed payments (as he went on holiday abroad)!! I told the csa to check his passport as each payment that was missed he was on holiday.....the cheek!! Then the smart arse made a new family & proceeded to laugh in my face about how he now pays himself in dividends and had his accountant "sort his books" so I was left with an amazing offer of £1.77pw for 2 children!! So I told the csa to shove it up their arses.So he private rents,new family,director of a company 3 holidays abroad each yr and I'm 5yrs with not a penny and one child is disabled! So until csa sort themselves out I won't bother,funny how if you're a lone parent you get grief off benefits about why you dnt claim csa,well maybe if more was done regarding these vile men we wouldn't have to claim so much government money to help us provide for our kids!! The way of the world:single no money with kids,government don't dig deep enough to sort these liars so we can support our kids.Beyond a joke!

gillybean2 Wed 24-Nov-10 16:58:16

If he's a director of the company he will have to complete a tax return. So ask the CSA to assess on that which should show all his income (including dividends, company car and other 'benefits' which are considered salary).

Of course he may choose not to pay dividends on a particular year and hide other income and get that lower Tax Return assessed. Plus he may delay having his TR completed and submitted to hold things up or make the CSA assess on previous year's income.

You will have to push very hard to get an accurate or even half decent amount I would think. So all depends how hard you are prepared to fight and how much time you want to spend on phone to CSA complaining!

evolucy7 Wed 24-Nov-10 14:16:55

Oh and yes K8y I know what you mean about 'I hate him' lol.
I'm tempted to tell he needs to but some clothes and shoes for them to wear when they go to his, as the shoes and coats always come back filthy and I can't afford to keep washing everything over and over! And as for the shoes he clearly never thinks about perhaps putting wellies on when walking in the mud (He has bought wellies for them at his house). In the past the children have come back with ruined sandals, broken zips on cardigans and a broken toy that they took with them.
I remember when he told me ages ago that he paid his contribution through the CSA for the childrens' clothes activities etc so he wouldn't pay anything else, well £2.50 per week per child, ooh let me see they can have half a swimming lesson each!

evolucy7 Wed 24-Nov-10 14:09:31

Its rubbish isn't it, I know he has savings that he might be using to live off, his dad has given him money in the past and he will inherit it anyway, but the CSA told me that unless he has £65k then they ignore it! And yet if you have over £16k as a lone parent you don't get any help with anything, how is that fair, surely it should be the same. How can someone who has £64000 in the bank only be expected to pay £5 per week to support his children - outrageous! He probably hasn't got that much but hopefully you get my point.

K8y Wed 24-Nov-10 13:50:15

Sorry to hear about this. My ex used to have a really well paid job and gave us 350 a week, then lost it and decided to 'find himself' and is doing a full-time art degree so pays nothing. Which the law supports. He got a loan for his degree and works cash-in-hand jobs and gives me NOTHING towards our two children, even when I have asked for help with school uniform or school trips/dinners. I hate him!

Also, he has a rich gf and they spent 2 weeks in France in Summer. Arghhh! (I work every day and we struggle but I cope!)

evolucy7 Thu 18-Nov-10 23:02:04

has said - meant to say!

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