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Hope for all lone parents

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northerndad Thu 18-Aug-05 22:52:18

Hi, been lone parent for 11, it hasn't flown by but great news today. Eldest dd passed her A's today and off to university soon.
I did not even think I would have lasted a week when first on my own, lots of 'arghh, now what do I do?' days. I still get them, but far more chilled out now.
So take heart, if I can do it anyone can... although I think I might have to settle down soon.

milward Thu 18-Aug-05 22:57:25

Congrats for your dd passing her exams & going to uni soon.

northerndad Thu 18-Aug-05 23:05:36

Thanks Milward, never would have thought we would have made it this far. Just two more to go.

mumxfour Fri 19-Aug-05 00:52:22

congrats to your dd northendad, welldone you are an inspiration for all single parents out there

pinkmamma Sun 21-Aug-05 08:04:43

well done to you and your dd

northerndad Sun 21-Aug-05 23:50:49

thanks again mumxfour and pinkmamma. read my message and thought it sounded a bit daft but just felt like letting you know. had been reading some of the feeling depressed/lonely type threads and was reminded of how bad things had been at the beginning. did not want to be single parent, most days did not even want to be alive, and when I did I just wanted to run. so relieved kids are turning out ok, both their mother and I were total screw ups at their age. thats enough misery. there really is hope for everyone, it just takes time I guess.
oh yeah, dd is a hard worker as well, has made it all worthwhile. thanks.

moondog Sun 21-Aug-05 23:53:42

Brilliant news! How proud you must feel!
What is she off to do?

northerndad Sun 21-Aug-05 23:57:01

hi, clothing design. she makes ballgowns, big old style dresses and suchlike. wants to do bridal ware, theatre costumes etc. total mystery to me but she is good at it. made her prom dress, looked amazing.

moondog Sun 21-Aug-05 23:59:06

northerndad Mon 22-Aug-05 00:00:32


mummyoffour Mon 22-Aug-05 00:27:05

well done northerndad you should be so proud of yourself

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