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TfL ULEZ consultation: is there anything I should know?

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LadyIsabellaWrotham Mon 22-Jan-18 18:10:56

A document from TfL asking me to fill in their consultation questionnaire has just popped through the door. I’m inclined to fill it all in saying “yes please, go ahead ASAP, people are actually dying here!” to everything because we hardly ever drive, and I do feel strongly about air pollution.

But is there anything I’m missing? Any policy wonks or detail fiends out there who want to persuade me that I should answer “no, alternative zone Q would be preferable” to question 74?

Questionnaire is here and background is here

Happytimes31 Mon 12-Feb-18 16:43:20

Just noticed that no one replied to you. I am part of Mums for Lungs and we are asking for an ULEZ London-wide for the most polluting vehicles by May 2020. This is because the current proposals exclude the north and south circulars as well as many other pollution hotspots. It is (well past) time that the whole of london had cleaner air and to have it implemented by May 2020 would avoid mayoral elections and the possibility that the whole thing would never happen! Hope that helps. Please spread the message far and wide, the deadline is Feb 28th so very soon!

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