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Maternity...any experience of St Thomas or Kings?

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itshappening Wed 06-Dec-17 14:06:48

I live near Greenwich and 9 weeks tomorrow but not yet booked in anywhere.

I don't want to go to Woolwich since have been to that hospital a couple of times and not found it good. Lewisham is a possibility but I have reason to think if the pregnancy goes to term I may need a caesarean and various types of extra support (pre existing condition) so would end up on the ward rather than in the birthing centre. I also think maybe a larger hospital with more facilities esp neonatal might be better given my circumstances.

My GP said I could apply to St Thomas, but I wonder if Kings might be a little quicker for me to get to since not driving right into centre (not much in it).

Any experiences at either of these, really have no idea...? I am thinking about postnatal ward experiences too since with a caesarean being likely I will probably not be able to go home straight away.

Really grateful for any advice.

itshappening Wed 06-Dec-17 15:47:24

Just bumping....not sure if I have put this in the right section.

leghoul Wed 06-Dec-17 15:52:58

Both were fine for me. Delivery probably better at St T, but lovely midwife at Kings and any postnatal ward will be suboptimal (in my view) just because of the noise/sleep deprivation factors. I think St Thomas' is fine from Greenwich if driving and no further really that Kings but I'd go straight along the north side of the river from Tower Bridge (or get a boat!)

itshappening Wed 06-Dec-17 15:55:09

Thanks leghoul, that is a great tip about going north, if Blackwall tunnel clear it could be better.

leghoul Wed 06-Dec-17 16:06:57

The quickest way when I lived there (and had DC at Thomas') was boat to avoid Blackwall tunnel and go through Deptford and stay south of river until Tower bridge. But either hospital will provide excellent care and have all the facilities you might require. All the best!

itshappening Wed 06-Dec-17 19:34:08

Thank you!

Sparky888 Thu 21-Dec-17 03:58:12

The post natal ward st King’s was horrribke when I stayed in 2015. I had second at Chelsea - much kinder people and more staff. You can choose in a London, and if CS, no real reason to be v close to home (unless for visits, if you only change for delivery later in pregnancy).

MrsGB2225 Thu 21-Dec-17 04:00:48

I had my first at St Thomas'. I was in the midwife led unit so had my own (very large) privaeyroom and ensuite for the whole time. They had a sofa bed in the room for DH as well. Staff were lovely.

Purpleprickles Thu 21-Dec-17 04:57:13

Itshappening just a different view point but I had dd in the Birth Centre at QE and the care was very good. It would be worth going on one of the tours before you make your final decision.

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