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Baby modeling

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emmaphillips98 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:55:37

Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can help! My baby has been accepted to Elizabeth Smith and Cheeky Monkeys as well as others, but i'm not sure which one to go with, seen good and bad reviews for all modelling agencies so wondering if anyone has been with any of the agencies and could offer me a little insight. Elizabeth Smith asking for £189 upfront, Cheeky Monkeys if free, but not sure he'll get any work.
I apologise it's in the wrong title but new to this and can't find modelling!

Any help is appreciated

Foniks Mon 23-Oct-17 17:05:07

The free one. From everything I've read, any agency who thinks they can get you work doesn't need to charge you to join because they'll get a percentage of jobs your child does. There have been lots of warnings about paying for these things over the past 10 or so years. I have never done it, so can't speak from experience, but this is just what I've always read and also remember lots of warnings in my teen mags like Cosmo, J17, Sugar etc. I always read you don't need to pay to join a good agency, they just take their cut later.

I do also know tons of parents who have paid for these things and never once had a call for their child to work. Sometimes hundreds spent on joining fee, travel, photos etc. It's really bad.

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