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Things to do in Hackney/London Fields

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Mcmcmcmc Thu 10-Aug-17 18:00:50

My partner and I will be moving to an AirBnB flat near London Fields for a week in late August so that some repairs can be done to our flat (in Westminster). We love the Broadway Market area and would love to know of other cool things to do there, perhaps nice coffee shops, restaurants, little shops, bookshops or anything else off the beaten track... we are in our mid-30s and have been living in London from 5 years and don't know East London very well.
We are thinking of buying a flat in the near future (in 2-3 yeas) and will use our week in East London to get a feel for the area and see if we would like to live there in the future.

Any suggestions? We will be taking the day off work and treating this as a staycation, so suggestions of things to do during the week are also appreciated!

n0ne Thu 10-Aug-17 19:53:49

Definitely visit the Dove pub. They have a fantastic selection of Belgian beers and Belgian food. Or certainly did 7ish years ago when I was last there.

toastedsarniefiend Wed 16-Aug-17 23:09:45

7 years?! It changes monthly!

Loads of good stuff on Hackney road. Just fab vegan bus. There is loads of coffee shops and bars etc Hackney road Broadway market. Also montys deli in hoxton is amazing as is the pie and mash shop there and the one on Broadway market which both do veggie options.

tethersend Wed 16-Aug-17 23:14:26

Buy a gozleme from the greasy spoon cafe on broadway market

Take a stroll down the canal to Victoria Park

Go to Columbia road flower market

Just wander round, there's loads to see smile

Bloodybridget Tue 22-Aug-17 02:25:03

Several interesting galleries in Vyner Street; walk west along the canal to Kingsland Road to visit the Geffrye Museum (English domestic interiors, and a beautiful garden) which is surrounded by Vietnamese restaurants, also Flowers East gallery near the museum has some great shows.

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