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Oyster v travel card for day trip

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frick Sun 26-Feb-17 20:50:44

Hi there

Would really appreciate some advice from those in the know about london travel..

Planning an overnight trip with DD and H to London. As far as i can make it out it would be cheaper to buy a visitors oyster card as opposed to daily travel card for the 2 days? Is v confusing though to my unitiated eye!

Likley to be mianly on buses, and mainly in zone 1 -2 . Am i right in understanding that unlimited use of transport on oyster card is capped at £6.60 each day, so I would only have have to pay that for Dh and i each day (DD is 9 so i think she is still free?). a travel card would be £12.30 each day, so if i'm right oyster card would be much cheaper...just a bit confused about the capping busines and don't want to get short on a bus!

Thanks in advance.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Sun 26-Feb-17 20:54:30

Oyster is usually better as it will max out. A contact less card can also be used now if you have one.

PrivetDrive24 Sun 26-Feb-17 20:54:54

Yep you're right. Your daughter will go free on the tube. If both you and your husband each have a contactless card, you can use that instead of buying an oyster card. It costs the same and caps the same as oyster does.

frick Sun 26-Feb-17 21:00:06

Thanks, it is sounds as though it will just be more straightforwards to use contacless...i didn't realise it caps like the oyster card? Is there any advantage to having an oyster card?

AbbeyRoadCrossing Sun 26-Feb-17 21:02:53

I'm not sure to be honest. I've not got a contact less from the bank yet so still use oyster.
With the oyster account I can see my journey history and claim for delays easily. But for a day trip I doubt that'd be useful!

PrivetDrive24 Sun 26-Feb-17 21:03:39

Imo oyster is a bit safer. Staff can fix overcharged journeys (happens when the card isnt touched in or out) however if it happens with your contactless then its a hassle to get it fixed. Other than that, might as well use contactless.

frick Sun 26-Feb-17 21:04:05

Ah...thanks..thats been really helpful. Right..on with the trip planning :-)

JigglyTuff Sun 26-Feb-17 21:08:09

Not any more, no. I use an Oyster card because I can print out all my journeys which is handy for doing my accounts but in this scenario, no. For your DD, go to the wide double gates and walk through with her in front of you

StopShoutingAtYourBrother Sun 26-Feb-17 21:08:50

Use contactless. Same prices and automatic fare capping as an Oyster card except you don't need to acquire an Oyster card. Also use a card as it is significantly cheaper than buying a paper ticket. Very occasionally (like twice in 5 years) I got overcharged but it was automatically refunded to my card after their data from their station updated.

poohsticks13 Sun 26-Feb-17 21:10:00

You can register your contactless cards if you have an oyster account. All journeys can be checked and refunds (in my experience, as I've had a few) are quite easy to claim for.

FourToTheFloor Sun 26-Feb-17 21:11:50

I think you'll need a zip card for your dd and I think you can only get that if you live in London?

Contactless caps a daily max rate. I wouldn't bother paying for an oyster tbh.

Bleu2 Sun 26-Feb-17 21:20:56

I've just been to London with DS 9 ( who was free) & I used my contactless bank card on the tube.
We just used the wide gate -the pram/luggage gate-& DS went through immediately in front of me.
Just got to remember to tap your bank card both in & out for each journey on the relevant pad.
Seems to work very efficiently!

RitaConnors Sun 26-Feb-17 21:25:47

You don't need a zip card for your nine year old. You just go through the manned gate on the tube, touch on for yourself, and both of you go through the gate.

frick Mon 27-Feb-17 13:47:34

Thanks everyone..contactless it shall be then. Do I need to register my card/create an account for that?

willconcern Mon 27-Feb-17 13:50:14

No, you just wave your card over the scanner on way in & out.

AstrantiaMajor Mon 27-Feb-17 14:59:04

Just remember on the tube to go through the wide gate with DC. I have seen so many out-of-towners get a nasty whack when trying to go through the single exit with a child.

ITGurl Mon 27-Feb-17 15:03:01

Thats weird though. when I arrived at the DLR station last year and asked for a one day ticket for zones 1 - 3, they said I was better off using a paper travel card. Can't remember the price but he said it was better. Wonder why??

SquirmOfEels Mon 27-Feb-17 18:52:21

A one day travel card is no different in cost to using a contact less card (as the daily cap is the same cost).

It's a case of what you find more convenient. I prefer not to use a contact less card (keeping 'money' well buried in a safe pocket, waving a different card around). And oyster can hold a season ticket (sometimes have knew depending on where I am working)

My guess, though is that you asked for a ticket and they were just clarifying the name of what they were selling to you.

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