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Suggestions for a fabulous lunch in central London please?

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WritingHome Sun 26-Feb-17 16:32:15

Myself and a Friend will be in London for a day soon. We don't live in the uk but we both know London reasonably well. We would like to book somewhere REALLY nice for lunch. It will be midweek.

We have been looking at the Chiltern Firehouse which looks lovely but if there are any other suggestions that would be great

We will be visiting the Tate and the Hayward so in those general regions

We both eat everything and love nice surroundings!!
Many thanks!

Rifka Sun 26-Feb-17 16:38:41

I recommend Brasserie Zedel, it's just off Piccadilly so not very near the Tate but it has really delicious French food, great service & atmosphere. You can eat for quite a reasonable price if you have simple dishes, or you can go for their 'luxe' section on the menu if you want amazing lobster, whole sea bream with braised fennel and chervil butter and various others. Wines are good too. I took my daughter and my sister there yesterday for my daughter's birthday and we had a really great experience.

fufulina Sun 26-Feb-17 16:39:56

Sexy fish. Gorgeous dining room. Good food. Excellent service.

SquirmOfEels Sun 26-Feb-17 16:41:57

Near the Tate, try

WritingHome Sun 26-Feb-17 16:42:10

Thank You both. I will look up those suggestions now.

Is the restaurant called 'sexy fish?'

FeckinCrutches Sun 26-Feb-17 16:44:03

Clos Maggiore or The Shard.

fufulina Sun 26-Feb-17 16:44:40

Yes. Shit name. Great place.

MsRinky Sun 26-Feb-17 16:55:28

Pollen Street Social.

fufulina Sun 26-Feb-17 17:00:18

Or social eating house. Any Jason atherton - food incredible.

Rioja123 Sun 26-Feb-17 17:02:33

If you like Indian I highly recommend Dishoom

WritingHome Sun 26-Feb-17 17:03:18

Oh thank you everyone - this is fantastic. I shall spend the rest of the evening looking all these places up. Such a treat! We figured we could push the boat out as we are only around for lunch. With no kids!

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sun 26-Feb-17 17:04:15

Skylon is along the Southbank, so would suit for locale. I have only had cocktails and nibbles mind you, but the menu looked lovely.

Flyingprettycretonnecurtains Sun 26-Feb-17 17:22:14

Have friends who rave about the tasting menu at Pollen Street social.

FruSkogKattOla Sun 26-Feb-17 17:48:51

Le Colombier in Chelsea.

Haggischucker Sun 26-Feb-17 17:53:57

The best meal I've ever eaten was lunch at Gordon Ramsey's Royal hospital road restaurant. I've eaten out at lots of different places and price ranges but this is my stand out dining experience. It was reasonable too!

Wigeon Sun 26-Feb-17 18:26:08

OXO Tower - has two restaurants: a brasserie, and a posh restaurant. And amazing amazing views over the Thames. South Bank.

Cinnamon Club - gourmet very posh Indian inspired. Westminster area. Amazing food in very pretty old library, amazing cocktails.

Bleeding Heart - French restaurant near Farringdon.

Les posh but very classy: National Portrait Gallery restaurant, views over Trafalgar Square.

Wigeon Sun 26-Feb-17 18:28:20

Do you mean Tate Modern or Tate Britain? Cinnamon Club is walking distance from Tate Britain, Oxo Tower walking distance from Tate Modern.

WritingHome Sun 26-Feb-17 18:48:51

It's Tate Modern but I suspect we will be covering a lot of ground that day as we will be packing in as much as possible!

Actually - is there anywhere nice for coffee / breakfast near Tate Modern that you would recommend? We will be arriving early enough, so will eat nearby, then see the show and then lunch afterwards in the early afternoon

Also some nice bars for the odd stop off for a glass of something along the way would be great!

One final thing - do these restaurants have a no trainer policy? I was planning on wearing some discreet black new balance trainers which have a gold N on the side but otherwise dark, with dark skinny jeans and a jigsaw dark navy coat. But don't want to risk being barred for wrong footwear!!!

Backingvocals Sun 26-Feb-17 18:54:36

For a London special I would go to the Wolseley. It's just so glam. On Piccadilly though so not near Tate but easy on the Jubilee line to Green Park.

PerpetualStudent Sun 26-Feb-17 18:56:25

Monmouth Coffee in Borough Market for breakfast (between London Bridge station & Tate Modern) and Swan Bar at the Globe for a glass of something would be my vote

notyummy Sun 26-Feb-17 18:58:18

I ate at Gauthier Soho last week. It was really fabulous. Wonderful food and great service. Very popular even at 1215 mid week so you would to book asap. Waiters were both handsome and charming!!

fufulina Sun 26-Feb-17 19:01:08

Agree with Borough market for breakfast - Monmouth coffee and a croissant. In the corner of park street and stoney street - SE1. 10 mins leisurely along the south bank to the Tate Modern. Or aqua shard for breakfast is good - but they are (already!) letting standards slip. When I was last there - food was good but service crap. But the view is gorgeous.

londonfeather Sun 26-Feb-17 19:02:03

Have a look at Sketch - really cool and memorable or Bob Bob Ricard. If you want a real experience have a look at restaurant story - it's London Bridge though but not a million miles away from Tate modern.

fufulina Sun 26-Feb-17 19:02:10

Actually - brindisa in Borough is also a favourite. Lovely food and a great atmosphere. You can't book, but if you've time to wait with a glass of wine - delicious tapas

NinonDeLanclos Sun 26-Feb-17 19:08:40

The Wolseley is good, Ivy Café, Sheekey if you like fish, Rules is fun if you fancy the oldest restaurant in London and very English food.

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