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Barnard Park, Islington

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Dearlittleflo Fri 10-Feb-17 14:51:50

Does anyone know this park? Would you say it was the sort of place you could send a 12yo to walk the dog/have a kick around on his own?

GiddyGiddyGoat Fri 10-Feb-17 14:56:17

No. I wouldn't personally. It's a nice park but there's a fair bit of the local yoof hanging around in groups at a loose end. I live c 5 minutes away. Walking through it - yes. 'Playing' - probably not. But my dos tell me I'm ridiculously over cautious...
Wy not go with hi a few times and see what you think?
Highbury Fields is tamer.

Dearlittleflo Sat 11-Feb-17 08:51:30

Thank you for this- we have been looking at a house which is practically on the park and it seemed that it would be a huge boon if my kids could go and play there on their own, but obv much less so if it's really rough. Hmmmm.

AmyGMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 11-Feb-17 14:23:39

Morning OP!

You may like to post on the Mumsnet Local Islington Talk board too - link here

Good luck! flowers

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