No live lessons in lockdown

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scarecrow22 Sun 07-Mar-21 19:34:25

Are there any other primary schools in the country which did not have ANY live lessons at all? Not one. For the whole of lockdown....

Bit late to this party, but still would love to know....

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thewinkingprawn Sun 07-Mar-21 19:36:07

We didn’t and I am glad. Pre recorded lessons from the teachers which we could do around our own schedule. I know people think live lessons are the gold standard but have experience both across two schools they really aren’t.

icegarden Sun 07-Mar-21 19:38:35

Our school didn't for the same reasons. Recorded short lessons. Can play back and do in own time. Live lessons can leave the less able children behind. Hard to ask questions etc Plus it totally needs a device per child. Evidence is that it is no better

mnahmnah Sun 07-Mar-21 19:40:16

We didn’t and I’m fine with that. I wills much rather we did tasks at our own pace, in the order we want. Flexibility works better. But, really thorough work was set on the app. Plenty to do and challenging enough.

Mumof3girlsandaboy Sun 07-Mar-21 19:49:19


We didn’t and I’m fine with that. I wills much rather we did tasks at our own pace, in the order we want. Flexibility works better. But, really thorough work was set on the app. Plenty to do and challenging enough.

Same here

TheOneWithTheBigNose Sun 07-Mar-21 19:51:16

We didn’t, based on feedback from parents. Most were working and couldn’t facilitate supervising live lessons alongside working themselves (KS1). KS2 had some.
We had pre recorded videos so that we could do the lessons in our own time.

Figgygal Sun 07-Mar-21 19:52:17

We didn’t other than a weekly guided reading session in a small group
It worked well though not being tied to lessons at specific times

RaraRachael Sun 07-Mar-21 19:53:46

I did none at all. Neither did any of my colleagues.

PastMyBestBeforeDate Sun 07-Mar-21 19:54:02

We didn't and I was relieved at that.

SomethingWycked Sun 07-Mar-21 20:00:42

No live or pre-recorded essons provided by DS (in year 6) primary school. There was a daily teams call to explain the work which was set out on a timetable with worksheets & PowerPoints saved in shared files also on Teams. Some use of Oak academy. A chapter of a book was recorded & uploaded most days.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 07-Mar-21 20:02:22

None here. All learning designed to be flexible.
Downside was my DDs haven't seen or communicated with school friends since December.

Bananabuddy3 Sun 07-Mar-21 20:02:35

Mine didn’t. Some parents complained because, as someone said above, they strongly believed (and still do sadly as a nearby school did do fully live) that live was the gold standard.

We did some whole class zooms as a general hello chat with the teacher and it was horrific. Same loud children dominated it. Some children couldn’t get a word in edgeways. So many on children on the screen to see and even some older ones didn’t know how to operate it. Normal “time to listen” methods from teachers failed miserably. Class zooms were split into thirds after a couple of weeks.

Same feedback from 95% of our parents as the ones here. Parents liked being able to click on when it was suitable. Some families had multiple children and not enough devices for everyone to be online at the same time so needed the flexibility. Some families had their “weekend” during the week due to work schedules and logged in on Saturdays.

We did however do live support for about 3 hours a day where a teacher from each year group was online to answer any question or provide some help (and this was split into subject slots). This proved positive and was appreciated by many parents.

I don’t think mine and my colleagues online education that we provided was perfect but I think we did our best and still provided a near normal quality time table. We learnt from feedback as we went. I currently have a “next time I’ll do this” thought in my head and I’m realising hopefully I won’t have to do it again.

What a relief when that final video uploaded. My iPad is full of outtakes. So excited to see my class tomorrow!

scarecrow22 Sun 07-Mar-21 20:53:00

Thank you all. And, Bananabuddy3, you sound a lovely teacher.

We didn't have recorded lessons either - just PowerPoint and some BBC Bitesize and such videos, plus the worksheets. We had to mark the maths, and some of the English. There was, though, a class meet up for 15m or so most days, which in my DCs' classes at least worked well. It's really a good school, and I have a high regard for nearly all the teachers there, but I still wish there had been more teacher-led lessons, even recorded.

More importantly, it's been educational and helpful to hear the views of others. Thank you.

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scarecrow22 Sun 07-Mar-21 20:53:47

Sorry, DC's

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TheOneWithTheBigNose Sun 07-Mar-21 20:55:14

We only had one class meet-up a week... 15 mins on a Friday. I was happy with that. My DD’s found them difficult as they could see their friends in school in the background chatting etc, and our school had 60% of kids in, so it made them feel left out (they’re only 6 and 5).

GintyMcGinty Sun 07-Mar-21 20:59:03

We haven't had any at either primary or high school. No recorded lessons either.

We have had a few online catch ups where the teacher asks them what they are doing at the weekend and shows pictures of her cat.

Our 'homelearning' is just powerpoints, youtube links and worksheets.

One more week to go for my primary child and 5 more weeks to go for my high school child.

Its just completely crap.

(We are in Scotland)

Luckystar1 Sun 07-Mar-21 20:59:09

We had no live lessons and no pre recorded lessons. We had worksheets and class dojo, and that was it.

And none of us feel like we can complain for fear of the repercussions for our children.

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