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Barracker Thu 07-Jan-21 13:26:29

I'm looking into online lessons and have only just looked at Oak Academy for the first time today.

Each lesson includes a quiz, a video and then a worksheet.

Where do I find the worksheet answers so I can mark my child's work?

(I'll be rejecting any platform that sets worksheets but doesn't provide answers.)


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20mum Thu 07-Jan-21 13:46:22

You get the answer afterwards. Then, the site can give you a score. It would be silly to make it too easy to simply download the list of correct answers beforehand.

Getting something wrong and comprehending the difference between what you thought was right is an important element for learning . The site is ideal, because if the child finds it easy he can race ahead, or if some elements are a problem he can, if he chooses, go back to an earlier year's work, and refresh his understanding.

It is free, so you or anyone else can go in and browse some learning, for pure interest, or with an idea of catching up on something or starting a new path for yourself.

This, I hope, will be the future of education. Learn in bite sized Course Credits, if you want to gain a qualification. Learn the same just for interest, if not. Don't be confined to an age group, nor a location. If it is pre school courses or final year graduate courses, just look in on them, as an online observer. Or join, to get access to the computer marked stage checks. These are good revision or refreshment summaries.

Barracker Thu 07-Jan-21 13:54:22

"You get the answer afterwards"

Sorry to be dim, but how exactly are the answers provided?

The worksheet appears to be a Google sheets presentation and is also downloadable. So, I download it, print it, hand it to my child, he completes it, hands it back to me and I mark it....how?

I'm fine that there is no mechanism for him to find the answers himself. But if I'm to mark it as a parent, I need to be able to access the answers myself.

I'm obviously missing something and the faq section yields nothing.

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20mum Thu 07-Jan-21 14:03:00

P.S. I watched the pre school offerings, also good. My only protest would be that the producers have not read 'Invisible Women', nor encountered the concept of 'Invisible Curriculum'. Multi-decades ago, feminists complained that women were teachers, men were headmasters, while women were dinner ladies, men were caretakers.

After all this time, what changed? Nothing. The people rushing around and doing things which are fun and exiting and being experts are, you guessed it, virtually all men. Four of them surround a female whose job is to sit passively admiring them as they experiment on her. Four of them race round noisily destroying things.

Men explain all about tech. Men explain all about history. Two men are the clever doctors, though admittedly those twins have somewhat cornered the market and become expert at t.v. presentations. The damage this does is bld obvious. Girls don't do tech. Girls don't do maths. Girls can't be surgeons. Ye gods they even had a boy child and his father to do the show-off cooking to impress guests. Girls can't be chefs.

Barracker Thu 07-Jan-21 14:10:53

Funnily enough, the worksheet I just looked at had a question about a builder ordering x kg of sand and asked "How much does she have if..." smile

I can see that the pre and post lesson quizzes can be completed online and are scored. But the actual worksheet doesn't appear to be interactive and I still can't find answers, which is a shame, as it seems decently constructed, but I'm not going to sit down and complete the questions myself in tandem with my child just so that I produce my own answers to then mark his work.

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20mum Thu 07-Jan-21 17:10:17

Good about the builder and HER sand! Without going back into it, I felt sure there were intervals of multiple choice questions to select. Either instantly or at the end, I'm sure the answers are available.
Along the lines of a) Duck, b) Dog, c) Dandelion. Which is a flower?

Nuffaluff Thu 07-Jan-21 17:12:23

The teachers give the answers to the worksheet at the end of the video

InTheLongGrass Thu 07-Jan-21 18:13:59

Apart from some of the challenges at the end, answers are given in the lesson video. So if you watch the video, it gives you a questions, tells you to pause, then when you start it again, the answers are given.

Barracker Fri 08-Jan-21 22:50:09

Thank you all - I had simply clicked through the slides rather than playing the video, this is really good to know.

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