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manchestermom5 Tue 29-Dec-20 16:24:30

I am looking for free home learning resources for primary aged. Mainly for English.

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sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 29-Dec-20 17:28:53

oak academy -we used it last time in full lockdown and it was good

manchestermom5 Thu 31-Dec-20 03:44:14

Thank you. I was using oak academy, I want some worksheets.

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sproutsnbacon Thu 31-Dec-20 04:23:50

Try Pinterest search homeschool and then age of child.

peacockfeather11 Thu 31-Dec-20 14:54:08

TES usually have some free worksheets.

mummax3 Sat 02-Jan-21 10:01:33

twinkl have some free print outs, also google xx

CheckMyLeftPhalange Sat 02-Jan-21 10:46:43

Twinkl is not expensive and well worth it for all of the resources.

CheckMyLeftPhalange Sat 02-Jan-21 10:48:23

CheckMyLeftPhalange Sat 02-Jan-21 10:48:34

This a a great website.

WhatILoved Sun 03-Jan-21 22:33:57

Not free, but my seven year old has enjoyed a few classes on Outschool. If you use my referral link you get 20 dollars off a class (many of them are less so you would get it for free)

Avidreader12 Wed 20-Jan-21 06:10:53

CPG books free resources

BP001 Wed 20-Jan-21 09:39:52

Lots of free resources here:

Ladolcevida Sat 30-Jan-21 21:25:09

Khan Academy is excellent as well. It's free. It was set up in America. You can key in whatever topic it is you want to learn about and up pop your options.
Oak Academy was set up in April 2020 and I'm sure it's excellent. It has the advantage of working with the British curriculum.
Khan Academy has been up and running much longer as far as I know.
It offers excellent teaching.

minksox Sun 31-Jan-21 17:24:47 Try this home learning resource pack from The Steve Sinnott Foundation - many excellent online resources gathered together in one pack.

And this inspirational Storytelling Resource Pack to encourage primary children to develop their literacy and storytelling skills

Daniamom27 Fri 05-Mar-21 11:33:52

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Daniamom27 Fri 12-Mar-21 13:59:47

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