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Pupils have become less anxious during lockdown

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Mischance Mon 24-Aug-20 15:14:53

I found this article very interesting. The researchers had expected pupils to be more anxious than before because of all the uncertainty around coronavirus dangers. But they found the opposite.

It makes me think further about the stress that the current school system places children under - and the edicts from above that place teachers under stress, which is then conveyed to the children.

The home learning that the children have done has been freed from these edicts and has been more imaginative; and more like real education.

It may be that "blended learning" (i.e. a mix of home and in-school learning) might be a way to encourage pupils to make progress without the heavy anxiety load that they currently have. Teachers have been freed from the requirement to provide endless statistics and have been able to use their imaginations and professional skills to make learning more interesting and stress-free.

Just as there may be lessons to take forward from coronavirus in the rest of society (e.g. more home working leading to higher productivity and less planet pollution as people go to and from work) so it may be that this hiatus on schools functioning "normally" might lead to positive changes and benefits.

Provision would need to be made for those children who might be described as "disadvantaged" as they are the ones who would miss out from a relaxing of the rigid school system.

Some of the stuff that primary children are required to learn is frankly nonsense. Who amongst us knows (or indeed cares) what a fronted adverbial is; or has had cause to use that knowledge in their real lives?

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AyraKirkpatrick Sat 17-Oct-20 10:11:07

Thank you for sharing!

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