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AlfieGeorge40 Thu 02-Jul-20 12:01:06

My 8 year old (9 at the end of the month) is very behind with his education. His reading age is around age 6 and maths around the same. He is a summer born baby so has always been behind but obviously this is more then that. He gets extra support at school has had numerous assessments but have all come back ok so we've had to just accept hes a very slow learner and hope he catches up one day. Although he is behind, his teachers often comment he amazes them sometimes with facts. He loves animals and travel so anything he is really interested in he seems to have a lot of knowledge.

Since lockdown, although very difficult as im working too, I have tried to keep up with his education, in particular reading and spelling.

I have noticed that because of the 1-1 learning, he has come on loads and even though not were he should be, has definitely improved. This has got me thinking.

Im considering flexi schooling. I know all education is important but surely the reading/writing is the most important life skills to have? I am thinking if I can keep him at home for 2 days per week and completely concentrate on maths and English, then he attend for 3 days so he can take part in the group lessons on history etc (which he loves) and still have the interaction with other children.

Has anyone done this? if so what was your experience? any advice greatly received :-)

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