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Ideas for teacher gifts

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Pigmypalace Sat 11-Jul-20 17:55:31

Amazon voucher sounds perfect - we did John Lewis voucher

Ducklingfarm Wed 01-Jul-20 15:38:11

I'm going to get so tray of krispie creams theres quite a lot of Ta's and lots of part time teachers and staff too so hopefully they will like it, my son is leaving reception so it's my first year of end of term thank you ideas so hopefully it will be ok.

riversandhills Wed 01-Jul-20 15:32:12

Teacher here - best gifts are either consumable (chocs or wine!) or a nice message (we don't get much appreciation)! Depending on how well funded the school is, stationery can be brilliant too as it makes such a difference to lesson quality.

Roundhole Sun 07-Jun-20 23:15:08

Forgot to say we are in Scotland so term ends in three weeks and they kids won't be back to school until August. I think the teachers will be in school before the end of term so I'm hoping to drop them into the office.

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Roundhole Sun 07-Jun-20 23:13:33

I am doing the collection for the end of term gift for both my son's teachers. My plan is to put most towards a voucher (probably Amazon ?) But wanted to get a few small gifts as this will be the only gift this year.

I don't want to get any of the things I know you shouldn't mugs etc but I did think I would like to get a small thing to mark this crazy year. A rainbow pin or something maybe ?

Would a planter be a strange gift ? Thanks for helping us grow idea (I know that's chessy 😂)

Normally I do a stationary gift but that's usually just from my kids not sure if the other mums would think that's strange ?

Any good ideas ?

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