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Please help with DD birthday today

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newlabelwriter Wed 03-Jun-20 09:44:40

Hi all.

It's my DDs 10th birthday today and I really need some help as to what to make it fun for her. We were meant to be going to the park for a social distance meet and bike ride with her friend and a picnic and now the weather is rubbish here and so we can't do that. DH is off all day and I'm off this afternoon. Her and DH are having a gaming morning which she's very happy about but now we have nothing really planned for this afternoon. She's not great at Zoom etc so not keen on anything like that.

I really want her to have a lovely day and also rather annoyingly her main present (a laptop) hasn't arrived yet so her other gifts from family (keyboard, mouse etc) area bit redundant.

Aggggh - help please MN! TIA

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sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 03-Jun-20 10:46:50

family great british bake off? who can make the best cupcakes out of you, dh and yourself? set a time limit, and give a theme too. You could also do the same thing but rather than everyone baking the cupcakes, you could bake them whilst they are gaming and then have a decorating competition? Then order a takeaway and watch a movie with the cupcakes? happy birthday to your dd!

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