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Year 10 Back to School - What are your school doing?

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blametheparents Mon 01-Jun-20 11:23:50

Just wondered what arrangements are being put in place at schools for year 10.
We have heard from DD's school that they are only going to be inviting into school those students that have not been engaging with the online learning. This will mean that DD will not be invited to go in to school, despite the fact that she has been struggling to keep motiviated (I am sure this is true of many).

This is at odds, anecdotally, with other schools in the local area that are offering all students the opportunity to go in on a rota basis.

Anyone got any info or views on this?
Am I being unfair in thinking that all students should have some face-to-face contact?

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Iwantacookie Mon 01-Jun-20 11:56:13

Still nothing from ours. The message on their website is basically "once we know we will tell you" very frustrating. Shes outgrown her school trousers too so I'm hoping their not going to make a big deal about that when she does go back.

blametheparents Mon 01-Jun-20 12:17:09

I am sure that the school will be pragmatic about uniform.

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mathsschool Mon 01-Jun-20 22:15:40

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oxydrive73 Fri 05-Jun-20 11:07:56

My son going in once a week for a maths, English and science lesson.

CurlsandCurves Sun 07-Jun-20 13:41:38

From week after next DS will be going in once a week for 2 hour long lessons back to back.

chickedeee Sun 07-Jun-20 16:10:24

My school has said year 10 not going in and hm hinted that they may not be back in September shock

Personally I have not been impressed and it makes no sense to imagine being able to go shopping before my children get their education angry

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