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Anyone else thought their yr 10 kid should now drop some subjects?

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ellicade Fri 29-May-20 09:55:01

Hi there, I'm just wondering if any other parents of yr 10 kids are considering the idea of their kids dropping some subjects for their gcses... my daughter is meant to be doing dance and drama and p.e. gcse next year, but not only is she not going to get any teaching until September, she's also not able to do her coursework until next year, as it involves group work/sport. Her school have not offered any online teaching, they are simply setting homework tasks each week. I am worried that the stress come september will be so intense, trying to cram in all the teaching and coursework they have missed, that I'm thinking maybe it would be better for her just to focus on core 6 subjects like maths, english, science, history etc, rather than deal with all the stress and possibly a crap grade in the thing she loves (dance).. I'd be interested in other peoples' perspectives on this, cheers

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chocolatviennois Fri 29-May-20 09:58:50

I would not drop below 8 subjects. They will have to make some special arrangements for year 10 especially in the practical subjects so I would wait and see what they are before dropping anything.

SE13Mummy Fri 29-May-20 23:55:43

DD1 is stressing about drama too. She'll have eleven GCSEs if she continues with all the ones she's currently studying (triple science accounts for three) so dropping drama wouldn't be a disaster for her. She's doing music too and is hoping to get back to the various groups she plays in outside school - she'd rather do that than have to spend evenings and weekends catching up on devising group pieces for drama.

Now that Y11 and Y13 grade submissions have been done by schools, I expect the focus will shift to looking at what adjustments are needed for Y10 and Y12.

TheletterZ Wed 03-Jun-20 10:36:33

It's not as easy as it sounds. What will the students do when everyone else is in class? The school can't just leave them unattended.

In an ideal world they would have a teacher going spare that could supervise them and then additional work set. Or even an extra maths lesson.

But there just isn't enough teachers with time to do this.

user135844794 Wed 03-Jun-20 10:43:18

Correct me if I'm wrong but your fears of an intense and stressful time come September seem to be predicated on the idea everything will be carrying on like nothing happened from September?

That seems incredibly unlikely to me so I wouldn't be making decisions on that basis - at least not yet.

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