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Face to Face Teaching during Lockdown

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Moozy Sun 10-May-20 20:57:18

I'm intrigued to know how much face to face teaching other children are having at the moment?

All of my children's lessons are face to face which I'm very grateful for as it means I'm able to work myself. It does mean that they're in front of a screen and sitting for a long time over the course of the day but they seem happy and they're definitely still learning something!

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SusieSusieSoo Sun 10-May-20 21:30:33

Ds7 (Yr2) none - there is work set each day which he can't/won't do by himself & I can only do a bit with him some days as mostly I am too busy with my own job. Ds reads to my mum on FaceTime & she does a bit of mental maths with him (set by school). My friend is a teacher & I'm paying her to teach him 30 mins 2x per week (one maths one English) on a WhatsApp video call to keep him going a bit

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