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PE lessons from proper PE teachers

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SecretPETeacher Wed 06-May-20 22:15:41

1. You're overwhelmed with well-meaning but misguided advice/ blogs/ webinars etc.
2. This is endorsed by the DFE because it's produced by real, qualified PE specialists and includes proper, actual teaching and learning
3. If you like it, share it - we REALLY need our kids to stay active but also to remain #PhysicallyEducated
4. Really - personally, I look after 69 schools in a deprived area. Please help me to reach and engage with those kids around the country that aren't lucky enough to have mums like you 🙏
Yorkshire Sport Fndn (*@YorkshireSport*) Tweeted:
If lockdown has you climbing the walls, change it up and climb the floor instead!

Former teacher, Rebecca Antcliffe, has a fun activity to develop flexibility and balance, linked to the outdoor adventurous activities strand of the primary curriculum. #ThisIsPE @sl_academy

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