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Free resources for keys stage 3? As dd hardly has any work.

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Upsidedownrightnow Mon 04-May-20 10:07:47

Dd is nearly 13 and in year 8. This morning she had two pieces of work, English which for days now has been true or flase facts 🤔 seems like the teacher cannot be bothered to set real work and a bit of history revision.

Im wondering if there are any free online resources?

Also im thinking maybe i need some of those letts books or something similar?

Can you recommend something that follows the curriculum?

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 04-May-20 10:17:31

try using the national oak academy. It's free, and was created in response to schools closing x

Shalom23 Mon 04-May-20 10:19:27

You can join TES resources, some free things there. All subjects.

PotteringAlong Mon 04-May-20 10:19:50

Twinkl is free at the minute and has a KS3 section.

ConstantlyCooking Mon 04-May-20 10:23:26

Also try plazoom- they release free lessons weekly and recently had some interesting literacy stuff for ks3 based around Shakespeare that you could link to the Patrick Stewart dinner reading currently in Facebook.
Also look at white rose for maths. Mathletics also has some activities for Y7 and y8 and usually have a free trial available.

Shalom23 Mon 04-May-20 11:57:56

Teach it English, free, huge KS3 section.

MoonriseKingdom Mon 04-May-20 12:25:34

BBC Bitesize website - daily online work on different subjects

Upsidedownrightnow Mon 04-May-20 18:13:22

Thank you all for the replies, I will look into the suggestions smile

So I emailed dd's English teacher and asked if there were any books / online resources she would recommend. She replied and advised dd is answering the basic questions and not expanding on the answers and some of the questions she hasn't answered, and got very low results on the quizzes.

So now I will have to check over all of the work she does to ensure all questions have been answered.

I am quite concerned that at the age of nearly 13 dd puts no effort into her work, I know when I was her age I took my school work very seriously and its not because my parents pushed me, they were not concerned with school work and as a result did not even encourage me.

I feel like at this age I shouldn't have to stand over dd treating her like a primary school child checking her work.

Any tips on how to deal with a situation like this? DD generally does not put much effort into anything sad

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