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BBC school on tv

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Blueblackrose Thu 16-Apr-20 07:16:48

I read a few weeks ago that from Monday 20th the BBC would be dedicating morning to curriculum tv. This is a great idea I thought as they have the reach to do something excellent and get excellent educators.

I can't find any schedules or anything really. Press articles said it was on bbc4 am and the red button - but i can't see any another listed for Monday.

Has anyone got any info?

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Suzanne12 Thu 16-Apr-20 17:39:28

I'm also wondering about this. It's great that's it's coming but it would be good to know exactly what it will entail to know how it works or we'll all be spending the first few days trying to figure out how to make the most of it.

Blueblackrose Thu 16-Apr-20 21:17:25

I found it! Though I'm in Scotland so maybe not much help
Everyday weekday on BBC Scotland channel 10-12am. We watched some of it today - it was a history day and I learned a lot!
If you search bitesize on iPlayer the older programmes are there. Had a quick look at the secondary maths one and that looked good too. I'm going to make the dc watch it starting next week as i think it will help with routine.
Not sure about England content - maybe that will come soon, I'm sure i read it is on BBC 4 am.

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mumoftwoplus1 Thu 16-Apr-20 21:39:54

I'm watched some of this last week with DC but DC fund it too easy and not stimulating at all, seems to be geared at P.1? We only watched a few though so hoping they get a bit more challenging...

MilkNoSugars Mon 20-Apr-20 12:21:13

DS age 8 (so y3 in English school) watched the BBC bitesize programme this morning and I agree with PP it was far too easy - we tried 7-9 then 9-11 and even the 9-11 maths was too easy for him, it covered stuff he'd already done in class (he's not particularly clever either just average).

Margo34 Tue 21-Apr-20 10:05:57

It's on iplayer and called BBC Bitesize daily I believe, don't know when or if it will be aired on regular TV (as in, not just iplayer).

UndertheCedartree Tue 21-Apr-20 15:55:47

How do the programmes fit in with the lessons on Bitesize? Should they watch the programme first and then do the lesson?

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