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tantrum 8 yo

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stripes11 Wed 08-Apr-20 09:15:02

just doing home education whilst lockdown. my ds shows a lot of anger, he says he is annoyed and cannot hold his temper... how can i help him with the build up of negative feelings? I do jot want to squash but more to teach him to understand these feelings abd re channel. thank you.

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LiveLearnTogether Wed 08-Apr-20 20:21:09

@stripes11 do you know what it is he’s annoyed about? Is it doing school at home, or lots of little things adding up? Lockdown is a lot of different to contend with!

My daughter had an angry phase a little while back. I put up a big chart with every hour of the day on it. On the hour, we wrote how we felt. Our daughter was four at the time so it’s a bit of a different age, but I do think it helped her understand that every member of the family was processing emotions. Also gave us a window to talk about why she was feeling however she was feeling, to help unpick the anger she’d been feeling. (It was a lot of change for her - we’d moved house, added baby number three. She loved the new house and the baby, but not a fan of change!)

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