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Can ds make a start on gcse art?

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greatbighillofhope Sat 04-Apr-20 23:56:38

Ds is in year 9 and has chosen art as one of his gcse starting in sept.
I know the art workload is very heavy. He has autism and adhd so finds concentrating for long periods tricky so I would like to at least for him to start researching artists and making a plan. He nearly didn’t go for art because of the workload but he is incredibly creative and will need art gcse so he can go on to choose appropriate courses after gcse.
I’ve looked at the aqa specification but it doesn’t tell you what the themes are. Maybe these are set by the school?
I’m hoping to get him started on English literature too as we know the set texts for this, so can watch films/read text guides etc in preparation. It would be great to do some prep for art in the same way. Any ideas how I can start him off on this?

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Embracelife Sun 05-Apr-20 00:00:56

Ask school
Email them after the easter holidays
Ask his art department they usually start gcses courses after may half term in year 9

Embracelife Sun 05-Apr-20 00:03:56

For now just do anything arty take some ideas

greatbighillofhope Sun 05-Apr-20 11:40:47

I should have asked before we broke up for Easter shouldnt I? Totally forgot that there even are holidays...

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