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Best website for watching lesson and then completing activity

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Worriedmummy1976 Wed 01-Apr-20 19:59:46

I’m home schooling during lockdown as are we all. I can fine lots of websites for resources, video clips and games etc. But wondered if there is a website which does it all? I’m happy to pay a subscription.

What I want ideally is to be able to choose the child’s year group or ability lesson and then for them to be able to work through the maths curriculum for example by watching a little lesson/video on the topic and then completing an activity.

Is there any such website that covers most/all subjects?

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Timebean Wed 01-Apr-20 20:06:33

I have always home educated and a firm favourite is conquer maths, subscription based. My DC get on well with it.

reefedsail Wed 01-Apr-20 20:09:58

For maths, I would say Math Antics. I use it all the time at school (KS2).

You can watch a video, complete some exercises and then watch another video that goes through the answers.

Well worth 20 quid.

reefedsail Wed 01-Apr-20 20:11:30

For more of a one stop shop, Khan Academy covers a myriad of things. I use their clips in school too.

Mner2000 Wed 01-Apr-20 20:15:57

Learning lockdown on YouTube are great. Run by two teachers in Liverpool. They upload different videos each day and differentiate the work (yr3-6). They do maths and English each day but also do skills, chores, science etc. Completely free.

tutorwho Wed 01-Apr-20 20:22:40

White Rose Maths are doing Maths lessons Monday-Friday at 10am for students from Year 1 to Year 8. More details are on their Facebook page.

Worriedmummy1976 Wed 01-Apr-20 21:18:27

Thank you! I’ll have a look at those. It’s a shame there isn’t more one stop shops that do all subjects.

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tutorwho Fri 03-Apr-20 13:30:25

I know. It is such a big pain in the behind. In terms of English, there are loads of activities that can be done without needing much help. They could follow instructions to make something and then write their own review.. if they love Lego, maybe they could make their own figure and then write something down for someone else to be able to copy it?

CorbettMaths Primary are offering 5 a day so you can always download a worksheet and they can do 5 questions that day just to keep their brains active.

noblegiraffe Fri 03-Apr-20 13:35:32

Coming 20th April, the BBC is taking responsibility for educating the nation. An amazing set of resources.

Pud2 Sun 05-Apr-20 16:42:03

I second White Rose daily lessons. Really good.

LoveSummerLife Mon 06-Apr-20 14:34:17

We’ve been using White Rose Maths and Mystery Science, for video with activity, Literacy Shed is ok too, if you can find the activity (e.g YouTube video) you might find a worksheet to complete it on Twinkl.
That Learning Lockdown that someone posted looks interesting too.

justanotherneighinparadise Tue 07-Apr-20 22:27:42

I really like white rose.

dyscalculicgal96 Wed 08-Apr-20 12:06:24

I love mymaths classic.
How old is your child? If they are in secondary school, I recommend bitesize, or or as well.
You can find a ton of resources including helpful videos and lots of practice questions on both sites. You can also find worksheets for all abilities on too. I recommend both sites. Very helpful. Another good site is STpaulmaths.

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