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What are you doing to keep your early teens occupied?

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RhodaCamel Thu 19-Mar-20 09:11:38

I have ds (14) and dd (coming up for 12).
Day 2 off school. They will do their work online, then we walk the dog, go for a bike ride and cook/bake but already they are getting agitated.
Ds wants to go out with his mates in the afternoon, I’ve said ok for bike rides etc but don’t want his mates in the house or ds going to theirs.
We are lucky that we live in a semi-rural village, have a garden and fields/walks around us but I know they are going to start scrapping with each other pretty quickly.
What are you doing/planning to keep your young adolescents content?

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lkbennett123 Thu 19-Mar-20 17:57:26

I work for a care home provider for young people with learning disabilities and elderly people with dementia. Unfortunately all residents are now in lockdown and unable to be visited by their families or have people come in to provide activities. I wanted to give a call out to find out if while the kids aren't at school and looking for things to do, I would love to be able to share emails, drawings, messages to brighten their day. Please let me know if you can share anything.

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