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Ideas for entertaining yourself & your family during isolation

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Redsarah Thu 02-Apr-20 14:22:40

I found a great project which is supporting the storytellers who usually come into schools to work with our kids.
There are two stories offered per day in 45 minute sessions.
All of the stories are available anytime on their website archive too.
It’s a creative way to break up the learning day, and there’s the option to support the storytellers too.
I love projects which help people on both sides of the deal !

Seeline Thu 19-Mar-20 07:42:28

Just seen this on FB

MoonBlood Wed 18-Mar-20 12:01:51

That’s great, loads of good ideas on there! I’ve saved the pic to share to my local self isolation group on Facebook too smile

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MoonBlood Wed 18-Mar-20 11:59:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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ChangeOfName2020 Wed 18-Mar-20 11:59:08

I saw this yesterday, think it was on FB. Has a few good suggestions I wouldn't have thought of!

MoonBlood Wed 18-Mar-20 11:40:15

I’ve been having a scout around for things to do while we’re at home and found some great stuff on offer (and a few not so great 😂)

I thought maybe we could have a thread for everyone to add their links to anything helpful, entertaining, informative and so on.

Duplicate links may be requested to be removed. - Might be useful for a book club or something? Download books on maybe kindle?

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