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If you have children at home today...

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GreyishDays Tue 17-Mar-20 11:23:08

...what are you up to?

I had a grand timetable, but haven’t had time to plan stuff to fill it with yet.

So we’ve walked the dog, I’ve done a bit of work, they’ve tried to solve rubix cubes (for aaaages).

We’ve just had ‘snack time’ and I think we need to actually do something now. I’ve suggested digging the garden for the potato planting which has been met with tumbleweed.

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Poppydaisies Tue 17-Mar-20 11:24:52

They're revising for A level and GSCE exams this summer, assuming they'll still take place.

Poppydaisies Tue 17-Mar-20 11:25:30

And I'm working from home.

Moomin8 Tue 17-Mar-20 11:27:35

Revising for GCSEs. Other child is doing a school project.

Caspianberg Tue 17-Mar-20 11:40:50

If school age I would plan to have an 'average' school day at home with them. So they have a vague routine, and don't get too bored doing one thing.
8.30-9am - walk dog
9-12am - maths, english, history project etc. Either following vaguely school guidelines, work sent home from school, or your own plans. Break in the middle for snack and drink.
12-1pm - Lunch, relax
1-3pm something in garden, art project, baking or similar
3-4pm - dog walk/child walk again locally. or garden
4-6pm reading, playing games, whatever they fancy etc
6--8/9pm - dinner, TV, baths etc

GinAndTonicNeeded Tue 17-Mar-20 11:42:27

Reading, then arts n crafts, on to the School website for some maths.

Currently in the garden going crazy.

Baking in a minute (recipe writting it out, weighing ingredients, do an advert picture etc ) then going to let them chill with a film this afternoon and eat the cake!

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