Keeping up with school work whilst in self isolation

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DinosApple Mon 16-Mar-20 07:33:03

Mine are off, as I am ill with symptoms- I work in their school.
I'll sign up to twinkl, get them to do some creative writing and maths each day, plus spellings, times tables and reading. They thought they were getting a week off 😂.

HPandTheNeverEndingBedtime Mon 16-Mar-20 07:28:40

Your children could do some science investigation such as rolling a car down a ramp and timing how long it takes. The year 8 could then calculate the seed and write it up as a full investigation.

Being able to draw a plant and animal cell and knowing the difference and the jobs of the organelles is really important for GCSE and should have already be covered this year. As is the symbols and names for the first 20 elements, like times tables they are best learnt by rote, copying down and repeat.

unlimiteddilutingjuice Mon 16-Mar-20 07:21:41

I'm working from home and keeping my kids off school.
My plan is to make breakfast at 8, ask the kids to amuse themselves from 9 to lunchtime while I work.
The after lunch: reading and times tables for the 7 Yr old.
Alphabet work book for the 5 year old.
Followed by something fun: walk, gardening, craft, lego etc...
That's the plan anyway.
If the school provide packs then that..

Hippywannabe Mon 16-Mar-20 07:13:48

As a pp said, Twinkl is offering a free month to everyone, fantastic resources there.
Maybe do, where they can research online, projects with your children. For instance, we are studying Hinduism in RE, they could draw and research the gods, design a temple, plan a menu. BBC online has loads of video clips for schools, just search a subject area and put in KS1,2,3, etc. BBC schools has lots of quizzes and games that follow the curriculum.
There is lots online and I am sure schools will be sending home learning- if we ever get to close.

CountFosco Mon 16-Mar-20 06:48:25

We're not keeping the DC off school yet, although DH and I are now WFH. My Y7 is very sporty, her football has already been cancelled much to her disgust but she has still got swimming club (this strikes me as somewhat illogical, 14 kids on an outdoor football pitch being watched by a handful of adults is far less concern than 50+ kids in a humid changing room). So my main concern is exercise for the kids. We thankfully have a decent sized garden and have a trampoline already but I bought a badminton set at the weekend. We'll do cosmic kids yoga (on youtube) with the youngest.

Education wise we are fortunate to have a well stocked playroom and will work through the various science sets, board games, books and art material. Considering buying a new computer since our iMac is over 10 yo and on its last legs.

SistemaAddict Sun 15-Mar-20 20:45:35

Thank you.
My year 6 has got sats prep homework books that she can work through, loves reading, writing stories, drawing, and is generally creative. We can practice spellings and times tables and she's asked me to teach her algebra. So I'll need to teach myself again for that!

Reception dc can practice writing, letters, numbers and reading. He's a reluctant reader so I will focus on that.

Year 8 has homework set online so can get cracking with that and access online resources for maths and science. She's another avid reader and artistic so will get her engaged in those activities.

All 3 love baking. Dd has baked cakes this weekend and I bake bread most days so they can help with that.

I've said we will have time outside in the garden each day. Maybe watch some documentaries as I've got some things recorded that might be good.

I'm sure I'll get into the swing of it, it's just rather daunting to think this could be for weeks.

I just don't want them thinking they can spend all day watching tv or on their tablets.

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TrophyCat Sun 15-Mar-20 20:29:10

I've been thinking about how to keep the DC entertained if schools do go off.

The main things I'll focus on are maths and reading for my year 1 DC. (So I've ordered some reading books from the book people, we've got hit the button app on my phone for maths). he will probably only do an hour or so of "schoolwork" every day, but he's still so young and I figure one on one tution with me will have a greater impact than 1/30 he gets from his call teacher.

My year 5 is happy to read books, so have got lots of new ones to keep her entertained. I will probably also get her to do some online grammar test games as she has the Kent test to take in September.


letmeinthroughyourwindow Sun 15-Mar-20 20:25:59

If schools are forced to shut, they will provide suggestions for work. I teach and we've been putting stuff together all week. Everyone I know in education is doing the same.

Just now, while you're self-isolating, it might be a big ask to expect them to prepare work for your children. Schools are very busy planning for potential closures. You could email to ask, but our school has said no.

Pentium85 Sun 15-Mar-20 20:24:44

BBC bitesize is good, and Twinkl has some brilliant resources that they are currently allowing you to download for free.

Maybe email their teach for a rough guide of what they’re currently learning?

But, if it was me as a parent, I would just be having fun with them. Bake cakes, dig around in the garden, build a fort. Spend family time together.

SistemaAddict Sun 15-Mar-20 20:20:59

Hi, my dc are in year 8, 6 and reception and I am now keeping them home.
I did head over to the home Ed topic but couldn't see much apart from the covid-19 home educating situation is not the same as home Ed so thought I'd post here.

If you are keeping your dc off, how are you planning on filling the day and keeping them up to date?

I'm going to ask school for work for them and will keep to a school day routine as far as possible but any tips would be great.

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