York - piano lessons?

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SpinDottoressa Sat 10-Oct-09 21:45:20

Hello Yorkfolk,

We are moving to York next week (at last - hurray!!!!!), and are starting to think about piano teachers for DS. He is 7.5, very talented on the piano, and rather an unusual character. He responds particularly well to men - preferably men who are charismatic and ever so slightly scary (he needs the very-slightly-scary element to remind him to practise - he plays all the time, but tends to play anything other than the things he's been asked to play). His current teacher has been fantastic (she's been teaching for 40 years, and knows how to tailor it all to his personality and sense of humour), so it would be nice if we could find someone similar in York.

His school has offered a couple of suggestions, but I'm not sure that the personality match would work. So if anyone has any suggestions for teachers who can inspire rather bolshy seven-year-olds, I would love to hear them! smile

Whoooooooseyfruit Thu 15-Oct-09 11:31:39

sorry no help with lessons.
slightly off topic though, have you moved yet?
hope it all goes well.

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