We're moving to a village near Pocklington

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Orrieonko Wed 07-Oct-09 21:02:19

We're moving up from Cambridgeshire to a village near Pocklington in May next year and was just wondering if anyone lives near there? We're moving to the in-law's farm and I won't know anyone in the area particularly and no one with children. My little girl will be a year old when we get there.

bellavita Wed 07-Oct-09 21:12:17

Hellooooooooooooooooo grin

I live in a village near Pocklington.... twill be nice to see you smile.

I live in Wilberfoss.

Northernlurker Wed 07-Oct-09 21:26:23

THere are quite a lot of us in York grin. I'm sure you'll like it up here, really friendly area and lots to do with children.

xkelx Tue 17-Nov-09 12:53:48

We moved to a village near Pocklington in March to stay with my in-laws on their farm while we were house hunting!

We now live in Market Weighton but originally from London/Kent.

What village are you moving to? smile

tomblue Thu 10-Dec-09 22:44:14

So long as you drive you will be okay! I have lived all over the country and found that people are super friendly in the York / Pocklington area! A nice safe place to bring up your baby. A few too many boy racers though!

borninabarn Sat 26-Dec-09 21:58:28

Hi, I have just moved to a village outside Pocklington and have taken my DS to Bugthorpe Playgroup which is very friendly and I have met alot of new people. Hope your move goes well!smile

juliemich Thu 07-Jan-10 17:09:34

HI I live in a village 7 miles from Pocklington. My son will be a year old at the end of April. I have a daughter who is nearly five and goes to the local village school. Definately need to be able to drive to get about. We moved a few months ago and I have to admit I don't really know anyone. My fault though I need to be more proactive in meeting people! Good luck with the move.

BadGardener Wed 03-Feb-10 17:32:19

How did I miss this thread?! (Ah.... because it was posted 2 days after my dc3 was born, I see.) I live in a village about a mile from Pock.
i go to Pock for coffee very frequently (I walk so as to lose baby weight) - if anyone fancies meeting for coffee in The Coffee Bean, let me know!

Pootles2010 Tue 02-Mar-10 10:33:21

Hi! I live in pocklington... our first little one is due in July, any ideas for things to do locally whilst on mat leave? Any good playgroups? I don't drive... am trying not to panic x

BadGardener Thu 11-Mar-10 13:48:58

Get yourself a season ticket to Burnby Hall Gardens and go to all the brass band concerts grin

Pootles2010 Fri 12-Mar-10 15:29:41

Already very much on my list of coping strategies... love it there! Also have very bus-friendly buggy!

Think I know which village you mean - such a lovely village!

DwayneDibbley Wed 17-Mar-10 14:26:13

Message withdrawn

TessW Tue 30-Mar-10 13:50:27

Hi everyone,

We're hoping to move to the York area later this year, and I wondered if anyone has any recommendations for the best places to live and which ones to avoid? I have four children aged 6, 11, 14 and 16, so education is very high on the agenda. Also with teenagers it would be great if there was something for them to do nearby, or on a good bus/train route into the city itself.

Any advice VERY gratefully received. It seems like a mammoth task at the moment. I was a student in York in the 80s but don't know many areas except Heslington.

Thanks so much.

booklover1 Mon 24-Jun-13 22:18:08

Have a look round Pocklington School - your children will love it.

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