Just moved to a village south or York.

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mim64 Wed 20-May-09 17:41:13

Hello, we have just moved to a village about 15 mins outside of York from Reading, Berks. My husbands family live in doncaster so since my husband was made redundant in Feb we decided to bite the bullet and move up here. We have a 4 yr old who will be starting school in Sept, luckily we got him into the local primary school. We have no friends up here so would love to meet some new friends (all of us). As I said before our son is 4, I am 44, sometimes I feel mentally 19 but physically 144. Anyway if anyone fancies meeting us let me know. Also does anyone know of swimming lessons we can take our son to, he did attend lessons in reading using water wings but I just cannot find anything near by. Look forward to hearing from you

bellavita Wed 20-May-09 18:06:10


<<wonders where south of York is>>

I am in the east riding (small village called Wilberfoss).

On my next birthday I too will be 44! and whats more (although I am a northern girl) we lived down south too, Thatcham in Newbury and I worked in Reading. We have been back up here 11 years now.

I have two DS's - 12 next month and a 9 year old.

Have to go to work now, but welcome smile.

p.s. I would be happy to meet up with you for a coffee...

bellavita Wed 20-May-09 18:07:34

Swimming lessons - if you google Waterworld, Monks Cross, they do them.

jooseyfruit Wed 20-May-09 18:09:17

i live in york

meet up thread

don't know about swimming lessons though i'm afraid.

bellavita Wed 20-May-09 18:26:03

Ha thanks jf - was just coming back to link the thread smile

mim64 Mon 25-May-09 07:59:19

Hi there, we lived in Mortimer and one of our friends lived in Cold Ash, what a small world. Thank you both for the swim details will look into it.
We are renting a cottage in Escrick, it would be lovely to meet up and get the low down on the area smile. To be honest I wasn't expecting any replies as I have put messages on another website and did not get one reply sad, was beginning to get a complex.

Mabel1959 Mon 01-Jun-09 12:12:19

Hiya,do you have to have young children to be able to be a member on here? I have 5 kids of my own but all grown up and 3 step kids and quite a few grandkids! We moved here in March and i am finding it difficult to settle to be honest,my eldest son and his family live here but i miss my other kids and family like mad,i dont know anyone here and am trying to find work as well,my hubby was also made redundant and got offered a job up here so here we are. I'm originally from Northamptonshire and my hubby is a Leeds man but when we met he was working in Basingstoke...its a long story! sorry to waffle on...i do that...lol
oh...and i am gonna be 50 on Thursday!

bellavita Wed 03-Jun-09 14:36:29

Mabel1959 - Happy Birthday for tomorrow (50 eh - that will be my DH in 2 years!). Of course you don't have to have young children to be on here - whereabouts are you? Btw - both DH and myself are actually from Leeds originally.

Mim64 - would you like to meet for a coffee at the designer outlet say one morning next week? Cannot do Thursday as that is the day I work.

and what about you Mabel- perhaps you would like to join us if we can get together?

Mabel1959 Fri 05-Jun-09 12:15:47

Thanks for the reply
I'm in Holgate in York,i dont drive so its not to far to walk to town.I dont know if i'm ready to meet yet but thats me...talk myself out of anything!

bellavita Fri 05-Jun-09 12:22:46

No worries smile

Mabel1959 Fri 05-Jun-09 17:41:00

maybe when i've plucked up the courage...lol
not gonna meet people if i dont am i?lol

bellavita Fri 05-Jun-09 17:48:36


mim64 Sun 07-Jun-09 19:37:21

Hi Bellavita, sorry only just logged on today, that would have been lovely, unfortunately cannot make it next week as we are visiting friends down south but the week after would be good. The days I cannot make it would be on Mon, if we are not bringing the kids then Tues morning would be good as my DS is at pre-school from 9 until 12. If we are bringing kids then any day.

Mabel it would be good if you can make it as well, it might be good for you just to get out and meet some people, it really sounds like you need to. I get like you sometimes and feel really down but we must try and meet new people, you will get such a buzz that you did it and feel really proud of yourself. I'm also looking for a job to fit around my son so we are in the same boat. Hope to see you smile.

p.s Sorry I missed it but I hope you had a lovely birthday x

bellavita Sun 07-Jun-09 19:58:36

Hiya mim, both my children are at school - DS1 is 12 next week and DS2 is 9, so I am child free.

I can do any morning apart from a Thursday as this is the day I work. A week on Tuesday sounds great.

There is a really nice Thorntons cafe at McArthur Glen, perhaps we could have a coffee there?

Mabel - I know you said you don't drive, but there is a park and ride bus that goes to and from town to the designer outlet - so all you need to do is get to the bus stop smile and let the driver do the rest wink

mim64 Sun 07-Jun-09 23:45:05

Ok, that's great a week on Tuesday sounds good for me. I'm not far from the Designer Outlet. Is 9:30 too early for you both?

bellavita Mon 08-Jun-09 08:53:31

9.30 is fine for me smile

Mabel1959 Tue 09-Jun-09 03:01:20

Hiya again,i cant sleep as you've probably guesed seeing as i'm on here at almost 3am.
I had a nice Birthday thanks mim and went to visit my family which was lovely,didnt want to come back to be honest as usual. I dont know what to do about meeting you both,i'll think about it

bellavita Tue 09-Jun-09 07:12:43

I don't bite ya know! grin

Come and have a look at us, if you don't like what you see, walk straight past!

Mabel1959 Tue 09-Jun-09 10:53:06

mim64 Wed 10-Jun-09 20:36:14

Mabel, I used to be like that when I first moved to Germany, it was fine for the first few weeks, a bit of a novelty but then after a while I used to be in tears at the airport because I didn't want to go back to Germany. I did get used to it after about a year, we were there for about 4 years, it did help when I made friends and got a part time job. It will get better. Hope you can make it next Tues, Thorntons cafe at 9.30. Take care x

mim64 Mon 15-Jun-09 21:16:14

Hi Bella

I really hope you pick this message up, I can't make it tomorrow, got a few probs. Can I let you know when I can make it. I'm so sorry that It is so late x

bellavita Mon 15-Jun-09 21:32:02

Hi mim, that's no problem. I have put a watch on this thread and will keep checking.


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