Where to live in York?

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Dottoressa Sat 07-Mar-09 22:50:24

Hello Yorkmums,

Our DS has got a choral scholarship to the Minster School, starting in September, and we will have to move to York. However, we don't know it that well, and would appreciate advice!

We would ideally like to be within walking distance of the Minster School. We don't know yet if they can fit DD in as well, but we are hoping/praying that Bootham/St Olave's/The Mount will if not - so school catchment is not an issue. (Any views on either of those three schools would be v welcome too!!)

Apart from that, we'd like a character property with a decent garden, off-street parking, and lots of families nearby! DS is six and DD is four.

I know we'll have to compromise on something, but it would be really helpful at least to have an idea of the nice family areas. Our budget is around £500,000, and York prices seem similar to North Leeds, which is where we currently live.

Dottoressa Sat 07-Mar-09 22:51:01

I pressed 'post' instead of 'preview', so my 'thank you, everyone!' got cut off!!

bellavita Sun 08-Mar-09 10:25:11

Have just been looking at some of the prices - if looking at Fulford, Bishopthorpe Road or St Saviourgate then some of the houses for sale ranged from around £700,000 to £1,200.00.

how about something like this?

Well done to your ds by the way.

I live in a small village on the outskirts of York - so would always be up for having a coffee..

jooseyfruit Sun 08-Mar-09 10:39:03

character properties AND garden might be a bit of an ask for York.

Bellas right though, the mount is very beautiful, but expensive. Bishopthorpe road is nice with lovely houses and gardens but not sure if there is anything for sale down there at the mo.

will have a look for you.

ditto bellas offer of coffee, and congrats to your ds, you must be very proud.

jooseyfruit Sun 08-Mar-09 10:42:08

this is a nice one it's a lovely area. of course it is I live there!

bellavita Sun 08-Mar-09 11:17:19

joosey - it was this one on Bishopthorpe Road for £1.2m

jooseyfruit Sun 08-Mar-09 11:31:27

oh my good god.

the one i linked to is a few doors down.

just off the mount is nice too mount parade is lovely and quiet whereas the mount and bish road are on main roads and very busy.

jooseyfruit Sun 08-Mar-09 12:00:01

bishopthorpe road is also home to the wonderful and amazing pig and pastry cafe and deli. where i spend a lot of my time (and money!)

bellavita Sun 08-Mar-09 12:06:11

Mmmm the cafe/deli looks lovely.

kayzr Sun 08-Mar-09 12:29:59

Oooh that cafe looks nice. Might have to pop there.

DH says The Mount is where he would live if in your circumstances.

Good luck house hunting.

Dottoressa Sun 08-Mar-09 21:25:30

Thank you for your good wishes, and coffee offers - which I will be accepting once we're there. I don't know anyone in York, so am a bit nervous about making friends - all my friends here (N Leeds) are friends I made when the children were babies at toddler groups and so on, and it seems less easy to meet people once they're at school.

The 1.2m one on Bishopthorpe Road is the house of my dreams! Oddly enough, the people who live across the road from us at the moment nearly bought that house when it was for sale some years ago, but decided that they couldn't stretch to 650K or whatever it was then. That's pretty much my dream house...

Kayzr - it's interesting that your DH is keen on the Mount. We drove down there last week, and thought it seemed very busy - but maybe that's a compromise that's worth making. We might have to rent for a while, so we can find out what's what (and, anyway, we might not be able to sell our house even if we wanted to!)

kayzr Sun 08-Mar-09 21:34:26

I do think The Mount is lovely but I used to go to York College and I know how busy it gets down there.

I hope it all goes well, I love house hunting.

Jui Tue 28-Jul-09 19:50:01

Have you sorted your new place yet? I live off the Mount and DS goes to Tregelles, we walk up there everyday to school.

Dottoressa Sat 01-Aug-09 21:40:27


I've just replied to you, Jui, on the other York thread with our rather dismal house news. Far more excitingly, I'd love to know how old your Tregelles DS is!

jui Sun 02-Aug-09 21:49:33

Hey have replied on the other thread

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