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mamajoanna Sat 19-Apr-08 01:20:26

Hi, I'm a mother of 3 who is moving to York from the US. Does anyone have any info on different neighborhoods and good schools? My kids are primary aged. We'd love to be either in a village close to York, or a neighborhood in York maybe with a nice park, some shops etc. We'll probably be renting for the first year, then looking to buy when we're more settled, but would ideally like to start off in the area we'd like to stay in, so not to move the kids too much. I'l be doing supply teaching at least the first year, so I guess we need to be kind of central, perhaps a 15 or 20 minute commute. Dh will (hopefully) be working centrally. Any ideas? Acomb comes up a lot in real estate searches, Huntington school get a lot of mentions too. So grateful for any help, Thanks!

aimlette Sun 20-Apr-08 13:50:24

Hi there

I have lived in York for years, mother of 1, and can recommend the villages of Bishopthorpe and Copmanthorpe. Both have excellent schools for primary children in the village and excellent schools for 11-18. It's sometimes hard to find an area that is good for both. We are moving from the Acomb area to Bishopthorpe for the schools. We really like this place as it is only a mile or so from town, good local shops, near to a supermarket and is a great family place. Good for commuting if you need to (my DH is a teacher too.)

mamajoanna Sun 20-Apr-08 16:54:20

Thanks Aimlette, I'll check those out! Do you think you could ask your DH about the teaching market in York? Is it terribly competitive for jobs? Are supply teachers able to keep busy full time? Hope you don't mind, but my DH and I are moving to another country with 3 kids, no jobs, no house...we need all the help we can get! (I'm English and we're all moving back home)

aimlette Sun 20-Apr-08 17:37:56

No problem at all, happy to help.

Try for a web site that has houses for sale and to rent as a good starting point (you may know this one already)

The teaching market is pretty competitive - although it depends on your subject and what age range you teach. It's competitive because the schools range from good to excellent and York is a nice place to live. If you didn't have any luck getting much supply in York (it's best to get on the Council list if you can , but there are private agencies too) you will definately get it in Leeds. My DH taught in York and then moved to a school in Leeds and the commute is ok from York.

But please, feel free to ask as many questions as you like, I'd be happy to help however I can.

mamajoanna Sun 20-Apr-08 20:15:56

I'm a NQT, primary. Wow thats quite a commute to Leeds, must cost him a fortune in petrol!
I think that if York looks too difficult, we may move to Newcastle instead. Basically my Mum lives in Hartlepool so we're looking for somewhere that is not too far from, but not, Hartlepool. York would just be so nice! We move in July, so I'l keep on researching. Thanks so much!

aimlette Sun 20-Apr-08 21:35:48

Good luck in your search. I think for primary you would probably be fine for supply. The primary schools are good - there aren't any what you would call 'bad' schools in York.

My DH has taught in the East Riding, York and Leeds (he's secondary) and would probably say discpline in York schools is far better than anywhere else he's taught. The commute's been worth it for him however, as he has been able to progress quickly in his career.

If you end up in York, drop me a line and I could introduce you to the sights and sounds of this lovely city!

All the best

mamajoanna Mon 21-Apr-08 23:49:52

Hi, I'm so glad you think primary would be OK, as I'd really like it to be York!
Maybe next year when I'm looking for my own class I might look at Leeds, I'll have to check out the villages between the two. I'll definitely keep in touch and let you know what we come up with, thanks! Joanna

Ponymum Sun 15-Jun-08 11:33:15

Hi MamaJoanna,
Just want to say welcome and good luck for your move to York. My hubby and I moved to York 5 years ago from overseas, so I am happy to field any questions on the moving process, and getting used to things! We too wanted to live in a village near York and initially expected a 15-20 minute commute. We have ended up with 45 minutes but it's totally worth it if you want the quaint English village life! The area north of York (Ryedale / Howardian Hills) has some lovely villages of various sizes and facilities, and is definitely worth a look. We were surprised at how far people regularly commute in the UK, and our 45 minutes is not that unusual. Good quality/decent price rental properties too, but in rural areas you do have to get the know who the local agents are in order to find them. Happy to help if I can.
All the best!

bellavita Mon 23-Jun-08 21:38:30

Hi mamajoanna - I live in a village called Wilberfoss just outside of York - been here for 10 plus years now. DH commutes to Leeds on a daily basis.

It is a lovely village with a good primary school.

Happy to answer any questions.

overthehill Sat 19-Jul-08 23:33:43

Hi mamajoanna, only just seen this thread, but if you're still looking then can I put in a plea for The Groves area? - there's a great primary school (Park Grove) and Huntington secondary school is a short bus ride away, it's ten minutes walk into town, there's a park up the road and a river with another park up the road in the opposite direction.

I think it depends what you're looking for really ie town or suburbs and I'd agree that York's in the fortunate position of not having any really bad schools, although there are pockets of deprivation as there would be anywhere.

There are also very good rail links from York (eg 25 minutes to Leeds, 1 hour to Newcastle, 20 mins to Doncaster, under 2 hours to London) and a car club, so it's perfectly possible to manage without a car - or at least without a second car. House prices are not cheap, however, although the recession has hit us like everywhere else.

All the best with whatever you decide.

zoejeanne Tue 22-Jul-08 14:13:26

Hi Mamajoanna,

I can back up ponymum on the commute - I live over towards the coast on the wolds and commute to York each day - it takes around 50 miuntes, but I don't mind it at all as it's a clear drive through some lovely countryside. I could spend the same amount of time sat in traffic in York centre - it's not a good town to drive around!

Also, house prices in the villages is less than closer to York.

I hope you're move goes well


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