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citycentredweller Wed 12-Dec-12 10:54:39


Does anyone know anyone who would like a free sofa? We have a two seater sofa from Mutliyork (bought new 2007). It now has two pen marks on the cover and some stains (as you would with two children using it) but it is still a good quality sofa. The covers are removable and can be dry cleaned or get new covers made up. I have tried two local charities and both have refused it because of the pen marks on it - they don't want to have to dry clean it. But I really need to get it out of our garage and am going to have to call the council to have them remove it, but it seems such a waste of a perfectly good sofa. So if anyone knows of someone who perhaps has lost their furniture in floods or have recently separated and has nothing or just needs a sofa, please let me know. I really need it collected this week if they want it, otherwise I'll call the council to take it. I can email a pic of it if anyone is interested. It's a neutral beige with light blue pattern on it. I'm in central York

RosFr Fri 14-Dec-12 19:32:57

Hi I'd be interested in the sofa.

As long as it would fit in our VW Touran.

We've just moved to York & need to fill out the house! We are not especially deserving, but if you still want rid of it let me know.

citycentredweller Sun 13-Jan-13 21:36:30

So sorry, only just saw this response. Afraid the sofa has gone

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