Cundall Manor School, nr York

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pollypiper Fri 26-Oct-12 18:14:06

There is plenty going on. Swimming lessons throughout the year. Optional saturday morning activities. Tennis lessons. House Football Matches in Year 1&2. Athletics against other schools in the summer. House cross-country. Certainly the older you get there are masses so sport. Hope that helps. All are included in the fees and no hidden extras.

philosophersstone Sun 21-Oct-12 17:02:48

Hi pollypiper, thanks for your replies. I am in the process of moving and trying to determine where will be best for my son to go. He's a bright boy (of course I think that :-)) and I am trying to work out whether an independent school is better than the local 'ofsted outstanding' school. I have so far been extremely disappointed in his previous school and lack of sport/extracurricular activities. He's only five, but I am very keen for him to be as active as possible eg swimming, tag rugby etc. Cundall seems great from what I see on the website.

pollypiper Thu 18-Oct-12 18:51:14

CMS is a co-ed, non-selective school to 16. I have 2 children both girls at the school and they are very happy. It used to be a prep school which has recently extended up to 16. I think it started life as a boys prep school. It does sport and outdoor pursuits really well and offers wide range of trips. CMS has a lovely atmosphere and my 2 are really being nurtured there.

philosophersstone Sun 14-Oct-12 09:50:38

Is anyone able to give me an honest opinion of this school. I'm looking to put my son (5), there. I'm due to go visit the school soon, but any first hand experience or local opinion would be very gratefully received!

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