Awful news - child killed in accident at York Nursery

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mungojerrie Tue 18-Sep-12 18:07:27


Northernlurkerisbackatwork Tue 18-Sep-12 15:55:42

I know. I feel so upset for them. My youngest is 5 now, was very happy at nursery full time from the age of 1. I feel sick thinking about tbh - to send them off in the morning and never see them alive again. The Press is reporting it was her first day sad It's a nightmare.

mungojerrie Tue 18-Sep-12 14:15:11

It's just horrific. I can't stop thinking about it. I have a 3yr old DD at a different nursery in York and it must have been such a freak accident. The poor parents... and staff. Awful.

Northernlurkerisbackatwork Mon 17-Sep-12 19:05:36

Just seen this. I feel so shocked and upset. I have never used that nursery but I knew people from toddler group who did (not currently, children too old now), it was well thought of. I can't think what on earth can have happened to cause this tragedy. Poor little mite and poor parents sad

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