Just moved to York.

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choc44 Sat 04-Aug-12 13:46:41

Hi Toobreathless,
I have a ten month old boy and would be happy to meet up with you. We've found some good things to do in York, it's a lovely place to live. I don't know how I can direct message you but if you want to email me we can arrange something?
Angela at solltd dot com

Look forward to hearing from you...

pearlgirl Fri 03-Aug-12 00:30:33

Hi. Am struggling to think off small baby related stuff on a Tuesday afternoon but I am sure that someone wise will be along with suggestions ( I work on Tuesdays so never do baby stuff then). The York community gymnastics foundation is fab for when they are two - it has a waiting list and is in Heworth. There are various groups around like Songbox, Toddlersense and Munchkin Music - maybe you could lookup their times on the web or in the Library in town.
I know there has been mention of a York meetup but that seems to have gone quiet at the moment - but you could keep your eyes open for that.

It can be quite a struggle to feel settled in a new place and I found getting out and meeting people helped me when we moved up - like you we had no local friends or family when we moved.

toobreathless Fri 03-Aug-12 00:20:02


We have just moved to a village just north of York. We have no friends or family here.

I work fulltime Monday to Friday, with Tuesday afternoon off. DH works fulltime weds to Sunday.

I'm usually quite an outgoing person but am finding it quite difficult & feeling very isolated.

I would love to hear from anyone local, any particularly good baby related activities for Tuesday afternoons or weekends? Any other ideas?


Oh DD is 15 months, meant to add that!

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