Housing benefit in wetherby

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Peggy30 Thu 14-Mar-13 19:36:38


Did you move to Wetherby, how did you get on? Did your housing benefit cover all? My family are looking to move to Wetherby due to a new job and the houses are definitely pricey! Looking to find a 3 bedroom house, although with just my husband and 1 child (and one on the way) we may only get benefit for 2 bedrooms.

Let me know how you got on! Thanks

WetTheMogwai Mon 18-Jun-12 13:52:45


I'm moving to wetherby soon and untill my business kicks off properly I'll have to remain on housing benefit. Rent is a lot higher round there than in merseyside where I am now so I'm worrying a bit about whether it'll all be covered or if I'll have to contribute to make up the full amount?

Anyone with any experience?

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