Anyone know of any mini golf in or around York?

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MirandaWest Thu 31-May-12 18:20:46

DC would like to play mini golf tomorrow. Have googled and can only find one in stokesley which is many miles away or near Helmsley but that looks like it is in a caravan park.

Anyone got a any ideas please?

MirandaWest Thu 31-May-12 19:18:23

Bump smile

mungojerrie Thu 31-May-12 22:14:27

What about this one - offer on living social today.

The Best Daily Deals in York, UK: Crazy Golf for Two Adults and Two Children

MirandaWest Thu 31-May-12 22:32:18

Ooh thank you smile Much nearer to us and being able to get a deal would be even better smile do you think it would matter that there's only one adult?

DS was disparaging of me asking Mumsnet - daft child grin

garden Mon 04-Jun-12 22:10:29

If weather ok…nice pitch and putt at rowntrees park..only £1 a go.

Nellybell Mon 11-Jun-12 21:20:55

There is one near the Farmers Cart, on the same road. I'm not sure what its called but its nice, we went there with Dcs the other day.

bunnywhack Fri 22-Jun-12 10:31:42

That first link york golf range how would you go about getting there if you dont have a car?

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