Suggestions for activities/groups in central york area

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Kaloobear Wed 13-Jun-12 20:20:52

Marking my place as I'd like to know too! Ducklings swimming classes are good at Yearsley Pool.

notjustamummythankyou Wed 13-Jun-12 20:14:36

York mini musicians is great fun. Classes in Heworth on fridays, and in heslington too (but not sure which day). There's a website and a fb page (sorry on phone - can't link!)

There's also songbox with lots of classes around York. Again, it's got a webpage.

I've heard that gym club in Heworth is really good. Looking into that one myself!

Ilovethenorth Mon 14-May-12 14:48:36

Thanks everyone. Will into the ideas.
Like the sound of the library one but DS at nursery on Fridays will check if it's on another day too.

Destrier Tue 08-May-12 23:02:07

Kindermusik with Cath is great (easy to Google)

hanahsaunt Tue 01-May-12 22:06:18

Stories and songs are at the library on Friday mornings. 10ish? Assorted tumbletots sessions available whilst waiting for gym club to come through.

pearlgirl Tue 01-May-12 20:42:19

There's a lovely group at St Michael's parish rooms on a Friday - I've only managed to get a couple of times due to work - I think it starts at ten and it was really friendly when I went.

When your dc is 2 they can go to Gym Club at the York Community Gymnastics Foundation in Heworth - my little one has just started and loves it - you would need to put their name down on the waiting list.

I think there is a story session at the central library as well.

Ilovethenorth Tue 01-May-12 15:12:28

Thanks northernlurker. Sounds great!

Northernlurker Tue 01-May-12 13:22:25

My dcs are too big now but we always used to go to Jellytots at the Baptist Church on Priory Street. It's 10-11.30 on Wednesdays and Fridays in term time and it's for babies and toddlers of all ages. Lots of toys, tea etc for mums and dads and usually a craft activity. They do some singing at the end as well - plus a Christmas party! It's a nice relaxed group and very cheap - 50p per session per family. The Baptist church is the first church on the right as you go down Priory street from the Mickelgate end.

Ilovethenorth Tue 01-May-12 13:17:36

I'd love suggestions for activities/places to take my 19month old or for regular groups in the central york area.
Anyone reccomend anywhere or anything they have been to/go to regularly?
I don't drive so needs to be accesible on foot/by bus.

Thank you!

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