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hanahsaunt Wed 21-Mar-12 14:15:21

How significant is the financial advantage? I've just realised that the house we are viewing at the weekend is outwith the City of York although zoned for a city secondary. We had really planned on staying within the boundaries for the parking benefit, the explore card and all the other residents perks which, given we have four children, is significant ... or is it? Do advise!

hanahsaunt Thu 22-Mar-12 21:10:46

Bumping for the evening <hopeful>

Northernlurker Fri 23-Mar-12 19:40:54

The parking is a lot cheaper. I don't use that a lot atm but that's because we live very close to the city centre! I would miss my Yorkcard. Of course you'd probably/possibly pay less for a house out of the City so maybe it evens out?

QED Fri 23-Mar-12 20:04:57

Which area and school is it? We live in a village just outside the ring road but in the catchment for Fulford and still in the City of York (I like our Explore cards smile)

I think it didn't use to be in City of York but changed a few years ago.

hanahsaunt Fri 23-Mar-12 22:25:33

No - it's Gate Helmsley which is in Ryedale for council purposes but Huntington catchment. House is slipping rapidly down the list anyway as some others have appeared on the horizon which would be in catchment and keep us in the city.

QED Fri 23-Mar-12 22:36:01

Was wondering if it might be a Huntington catchment one - Gate Helmsley is very near City of York boundary (just down the road from me) but just outside it.

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